Execrable Ben Shapiro Uses Notre Dame Cathedral Fire To Mock Our President

Shapiro deleted the tweet, in a tacit admission that he is a friggin dumbass.

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  1. Jerk. Someone probably told him that’s one way forest fires are extinguished.
    It would be a good idea if the French have any.

  2. Bad move Ben. You just smeared shit on your audience. Bad move. This is going to cost you more than ratings.

  3. Sorry Ryan. You are the best journalist out there right now.
    Unfortunately your boss is a world class asshole, and that means that linking The Daily Wire, despite your presence, will no longer be the case at iOTW.

    I will link your Twitter feed and then get the story, if possible, somewhere else.
    Enough’s enough.

  4. I feel really bad for Saavedra. He’s gotta find a better class of people to work for. Or get his own damn blog. Blink twice if you need help, Ryan!

  5. I think that it may be too late but young Mr. Shapiro needs a handler. Whatever positive thoughts – not too many, mind – I had toward him are gone.

  6. When I first saw this on my Twitter feed I tweeted back to him: “The internet is forever you stupid fuck.” Really getting sick of this never-Trumpard midget. His approach on his radio show with Trump is to always damn him with faint praise. Plus I am sick of his constant tilting at the White Supremacist strawman (his way of keeping some of the more squishy liberals around). I find it absolutely hilarious that Trump by barely lifting a finger (i.e. Tweeting) can out these assholes for the rest of us to see so we know exactly where they stand. What a c*nt.

  7. Shapiro is not so young anymore. He once was and the fast-talker seemed impressive for a while…(see Glenda Beck).

    His college talks are ok. But his underlying disrespect for our president are right there in his posts, podcasts, and radio broadcast for all to hear. It’s all, “This is what I think and you should think the same.”

  8. Catholic Cathedral burns during lent and that smug unhappy little man and Bill Kristol make jokes.
    Would it be funny if it was a Temple in Jerusalem?
    It’s Gods house.
    Their hatred for Trump is unbelievable.

  9. So absolutely certain was I about Trump and what kind of president he would make, I find it impossible to forget the brainiacs who either couldn’t see it and/or made a huge public #NeverTrump splash. A lot of people I used to admire greatly. That’s pretty rough — there are many conservative powerhouses on that list as well as some beloved authors. David McCullough is one of them. I can’t stomach listening to his YT video about Trump. And I adored McCullough.

  10. AA, this might be fun, if we are able to have a bonfire when we all get together we should burn an effigy of NeverTrumpers. That will get the crowd cheering.

  11. Ben Shapiro is as fake as they come. Yes he talks a good game when it comes to some of the common sense things that 75-85% of people agree with but on every core conservative issue he actively works against. He is deceptive, an infiltrator who is there to steer us away from truth.

  12. I don’t get Shapiro’s point. “Get the football team to put it out”.

    Is he talking about France’s champion soccer team? What does it mean?


  13. Don’t sweat the deplorables, Ben. You’ll be a big hit on the cruise with those edgy barbs. You little scamp, you.

  14. For a good while Andrew Breitbart was kind of the ‘Conservative Antagonistic Spokesman’.
    Now this dipshit is trying to fill that role. And he sucks so bad.

  15. I see Twitchy is still ignoring that tweet, although covering another tweet made by him. I think they try these days to not openly show they’re Never Trump, but it’s still pretty clear that they are.

  16. steven crowder has little pipsqueek on once a week i think. When he was all anti-Trump i #walkedaway

  17. I don’t get Shapiro’s point. “Get the football team to put it out”.
    Is he talking about France’s champion soccer team? What does it mean?

    Maybe the Notre Dame football team here in the US? Whatever he meant, it was lame.

  18. Ben has been a Bush/Obama “GOP” for decades. Still is; as are : Brennan, Clapper, Mueller et. at. !

    Like Bush he would like to see Don “primaried”!

    What els do you expect from a liberal GOP?

  19. Et tu, Ben?

    I’m amazed at the number of blogs and pundits I’ve quit reading over the last 2 years after they came out as big-government, uni-party statist, anti-Trumpers. So many of our “conservative” friends turned out to be posers, ala Charles Johnson of LGFB. But the baby had to go out with the bathwater.

  20. Well AA I have my own shit list. Former folks who I had thought really wanted some serious change. Andrew Klaven, Bill Whittle, Beck, W, Bennett, Mike Coffman(from my former home state, CO) to name a few. And this POS Shapiro and pretty much all of the NR crew. Fuck everyone of them.

    Seems like every time I have the misfortune of seeing him, he has to make a point of telling us that Trump wasn’t his preference. Get over it asshole.

    Imagine GHW telling us he was voting for Hillary. And his piece of crap family not attending the convention to nominate their party’s candidate?

    President Trump hasn’t delivered as much as I would have liked but heavens there simply is no comparison to the Death Star lives we’d be living with President Hillary.

    More than anything, President Trump’s exposure of these frauds is near the top of his accomplishment list.

  21. @AA, I am sooo with you. The Texas Tea Party is full of the Trump hating cult of Ted Cruzers that actually thought Ted’s Caiphus declaration that for his political expediency, Trump supporters deserved to get egged and chased for their lives…was even a moral point. That’s the current conservative Christian reality here in Texas. Something ain’t exactly kosher ‘round here in Moralville.

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