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On Wednesday, Taiwan officials took Cheng Chieh out of his cell outside of Taipei “anaesthetized and then shot [him] three times by a firing squad.”


Cheng killed four people and slashed others on a Taipei metro during rush hour two years ago.

Yesterday Pfizer announced that will not sell its product to any state seeking to execute the condemned.

A number of states have taken measures to protect the identity of those firms providing drugs for executions as well as legalizing alternative methods if lethal injection is not available.

Taiwan Execution Here

Pfizer’s announcement Here

Sometimes the old ways are the best.

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  1. The US has 2,943 prisoners on death row.
    That number needs to be reduced dramatically and in a more timely manner.
    Indictment, trial, conviction, appeal and judicial review is more than enough based upon the evidence. Lengthy and costly appeals after appeals is pure insanity.
    If you had a rabid and dangerous dog, you would put him down with no questions. The same reasoning should be employed with murderous inhumane humans.
    Drug, hang, shoot, electrify or cyanide….it doesn’t matter as long as they pay the ultimate price for their murderous actions.

  2. Liberals have no problems murdering the unborn and fully advocate increasing the numbers performed. Though they don’t perform the dirty Godless deed themselves.

    Yet they are the first to protest the death penalty and advocate humane treatment of convicted murderers.

    Do these individuals realize they share the same mentality of murderers even when they don’t perform the abortion, wield the knife or pull the trigger?

  3. @ Cato. So true. Were the unborn, untried, unconvicted, given the same opportunities as the guilty. Execution could be sceduled for Jr prom.

  4. Iran’s method of raising you up on a crane with a noose around your neck would have been more appropriate.

    Firing squad is too dignified. And too fast.

    Best would have been to stab him in several bleed out areas. And anesthetizing the guy? Fuck that, shoot him up with Flakka.

  5. My preferred method involves a ’64 chevy truck
    Take the bastards out to bonneville salt pan and handcuff one ankle to the bumper on a forty chain.
    Tie the steering wheel so it makes a very slight turn , top off the tank and let it idle in second gear in a big circle.
    If he can keep up for three hundred miles, fine.
    We’ll do it again tomorrow.
    For color, put a blue faced Mandrill in the truck bed to keep the perp from trying to ride in there.

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