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Expect the Ax to Keep Swinging At CNN

Red State

“No one is safe or secure right now,” a CNN staffer declared on Friday.

While [Jon] Nicosia said that the ultimate list of folks who might be shown the door hasn’t been finalized yet, there are some folks, according to his source, who are likely not to be there anymore–or at least, not in their current show assignments, including John Berman, Alisyn Camerota, Jim Acosta, Brianna Keilar, Jake Tapper, John King, and Don Lemon. More

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  1. They’ll be replaced with people who are more subtle and nuanced in their promotion of Satan’s kingdom.

  2. Dissolve Communist News Network in its entirety. They won’t be able to redeem themselves, as there’s no redeeming qualities to stay on air. It’s all about the money and investors.

  3. I keep reading the new managements going to make them a conservative news reporting outfit. Expect mass suicides by the Libtards.

  4. I just want unbiased and honest reporting with NO agenda.
    I’d also like my hair back while I’m wishing for something I’ll likely never see.

  5. If they renamed themselves to “TNN” and hired the right people, they might have something.

    I’ll wait for that to sink in…

  6. Brad boy you soooo funny,dream on buttercup, known fact Jack leftos is the main course served up hot.
    And for the gay republicans you have your Fox, they now go both ways for the LGBTQ followers here.

  7. CNN should pull up its pants, pack up its shit, and go home.

    I won’t watch them no matter what they do.

    But there seem to be millions of couch potatoes who will.

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …

  8. CNN will never become the Conservative News Network. It’s in their DNA to be the Communist News Network, but like Odin said, they will be more subtle and nuanced about it. Besides, they’ve burnt too many bridges and scorched too much earth to draw ANY conservative viewers.

  9. At the rate Fox News has been going lately it wouldn’t take much for CNN to position themselves to the right of their rival network.

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