Expert Advice: It Looks Like the 180-Degree Turn on COVID Lockdowns Just Became a Huge In-Kind Contribution to Trump’s Re-election


Is this the end of the ‘expert’? If not, we’re on that trajectory with the medical community’s transparent shift regarding the lockdowns over the coronavirus outbreak. Businesses couldn’t reopen because we needed to control the spread, flatten the curve, and ensure the hospitals were not overrun. Venturing out made you a selfish bastard. And then, a couple of weeks prior, though some of you were already poking holes through the narrative, there was a great reversal. Some were grounded in good news. New York City, the mecca of the US-based outbreak, saw deaths decline and hospitalizations stabilize. Hooray! Then, the CDC study showed that the mortality rate was around .04 percent, which makes this virus less deadly than the flu. Then, the CDC said that this virus doesn’t spread as easily on surfaces—this was one of the main reasons for the stay-at-home order. Asymptomatic people touching stuff and passing on the pathogen. The curve was flattened. States not heavily impacted were set to reopen and the liberal media went haywire. Florida was supposed to be awash with bodies. That was over eight weeks ago—and we still have no mountains of dead bodies. Some of us, myself included, overreacted. Initially, I think most were fine with the quarantine over the health care system overload and stopping the spread reasons, but some Democrats, in typical fashion, decided to move the goalposts to stay inside until we have a vaccine. 

No. That was never possible. We would all be out of work. The overreach seen in some states is horrific but hardly a shock given the political leadership at the helm. Are we shocked New Jersey, deep-blue and insufferably liberal New Jersey, went off the rails in enforcing its lockdown measures? Measures that Gov. Phil Murphy admitted to drawing up without giving a thought to constitutional rights—no. It is time to reopen. And now, the liberal media and the health experts agree, but only because riots have sparked across the country that could be weaponized to make the Trump administration look bad. 

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  1. Just a couple years after the brilliant prediction of a Hillary walk-over win election these same remarkable analysts offer yet more insights.
    The buzz in the swamp is that they’re on the Trump re-election committee.

  2. When my elderly parents pass into eternity, I shall escape New York State for eternity.
    I now have a taste of what it is like to live under socialism.

  3. When the rioting started I said, “and that’s the end of the quarantine.” on this forum.

    The Democrats don’t want their voters in jail. Everyone on the voting plantation is critical.

  4. I’ve seen reports that new Chinavirus cases are on the rise in Minneapolis and NYC. Not reports by journos, but by people on Twitter, so who knows, but it’s probably true. The journos probably know it’s true, but they’re going to hide it until the last Floyd Funeral is over and all the rioters are spent. Then they’ll be all over the rising caseload, and they’ll cite The Experts recommending Lockdown again. The cops won’t be taking a knee when we rise up.

  5. We should stop taking seriously anything the left ever says.

    Any republican politician that fails to follow that advice should be hounded out of the party.

    Our response to every single thing they demand we do, should be the same thing they tell us when we complain about them killing babies…..and that is to tell them EAT SHIT.

  6. More testing = more cases.
    They want more testing so they can screech about the number of cases. Hospitalizations and fatalities have not been significant enough to be scary lately.

  7. Dadof4: Thank you for posting that study by Swiss Policy Research. It’s one of the best things I’ve read on this subject and I highly recommend it, because it not only examines all of the medical data on the Covid19 Virus, it looks at the harmful social and political effects of this pandemic.

  8. They are running with the revised narrative that the riots will cause the “second wave” to ensure another lock down and cheat by mail just before the election since they failed to string out the first wave.

    They are also ensuring Ellison times the trial of the Minneapolis 4 to conclude right before the election to reignite the race war riots to intimidate all the old folks to stay home.

    In addition the Jug Eared Jesus is coordinating a military insurrection using his deep state Pentagon minions and senior leaders he put in place during his 8 year destruction of the military.

    Its flat out insurrection time people, they are blocking all defensive options that protect the Whitehouse because they intend to capture and burn it to the ground.

  9. True, Answerman Cooper. And they desperately need new cases, because the Overton Window on Contact-Tracing is closing on them. How can you have a Covid Inquisition if there’s no Covid?

    Take the mask off your face,
    And walk out the door,
    There’s no contact to trace,
    No need for Phase Four.

  10. @Cisco Kid…“ …Jug Eared Jesus is coordinating a military insurrection…”

    Agreed. A couple of weeks ago, I was trying to figure out where the next Obama/Deeper attack would come from. I thought that maybe the Ag Deepers would try to mess with our food while the Covid played hell with our supply chain. Then maddoG Mattis sent up a flare and Guns won out over Butter. And again I ask: What is LTC Vindman doing now?

  11. FYI
    Did you notice cap’n adam kinzinger short 4 and now an LTC too. And less then 3 days after perino mentions him out of the blue. Always keep him fore of your 3 and 9, to be extra safe.

  12. @ Cogburn Tentwelve & Cisco Kid…

    Esper just unilaterally disarmed the National Guard troops in DC, right before Bowser’s Brawlers hit the streets, without telling the WH. Looks like the Junta is making some moves.

  13. Well then Esper will have to see his own ass out. Hope they roast his car. He would richly deserve it for putting other people and their property in danger.


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