Expert On CBS Morning Suggest Quarantining Thanksgiving Dinner Guest In The Garage While Awaiting COVID Test Results

Fox News

A CBS guest suggested in a Thanksgiving segment Wednesday that Americans should consider having appetizers in the garage until all guests get their rapid COVID-19 test results back. 

Psychologist Lisa Tamour suggested the way Turkey Day hosts could make the tricky situation “fun” on “CBS Mornings.”

“If the situation feels weird, maybe make it kind of fun,” Tamour said. “And say we’re going to start with hors d’oeuvres in the garage, you know we’ll have drinks, we’ll do our rapid tests and then come on in, right?”

“You can make it playful, make it fun, and then be able to enjoy the holiday because you’re not worried about safety,” she added. More

18 Comments on Expert On CBS Morning Suggest Quarantining Thanksgiving Dinner Guest In The Garage While Awaiting COVID Test Results

  1. There are stupid people who watch this crap and take it seriously. Where’s your card? gross

    BTW I couldn’t find the transgender, and WTH is a white man doing on camera! Where are the brown people?

  2. Like these people have:
    1. family that wants to spend a millisecond with them
    2. friends
    I hope they enjoy their Banquet Turkey TV dinner, alone, in their garage with long-ass Q-tips shoved up both nostrils.
    To the rest of us, Happy Thanksgiving. Love your family and friends. Bless this beautiful country and all who strive to keep her free!

  3. “…We’re out of practice…”

    I’ll say. You’re out of practice of being rational, logical free thinking human being. Herd mentality to sheeple like these means blind obedience to your master. Fuggh-em.

  4. This woman has lost her ever loving mind.

    Meanwhile, she probably lets her cats climb all over the kitchen counters and dining table.

  5. Predictable — yet still amazes me — how compliant these sheeple are with straight up nonsense.

    Appetizers in the garage? They haven’t seen our garage. It’s so stuffed with tools and stuff I don’t even like going into it, for fear of tripping over something or knocking my ankles on tools. You’d die in our garage under a heap of stuff before you’d die of covid around our dinner table.

  6. I had a Garage Party in February Last year.
    I have a martial arts Dummy that me and the kids call “Johnny Cocksucker”
    We put A Mask on Him & everyone took pictures with him.

    This Halloween I put him in a Leaf Jersey with an Arrow between the eyes on the front porch!

    It’s the 2020’s and Cocksuckers are Popular!

  7. If you’re scared of the Wuhan Flu, you should probably just cower in the basement and forget about ever leaving it. Forget Thanksgiving. Forget Christmas.
    Just cower and suck Fauxi’s tit till you die.
    You’re a worthless drone – a sap – a moron – an imbecile – a dumbass who has fallen for a hoax dumber than Globaloney Warming!

    Actually, if invited, I wouldn’t show – I cannot abide stupidity.

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …

  8. Tim – FJB

    For people who would treat their parents like that, they would do a service to humanity and the Global warming they believe in, if they would just hang themselves in the basement on recyclable rope from Hemp.

    Cheers & Happy thanks giving all!

  9. One idiot declared: Every year, Americans breed, kill, and eat around 46 million turkeys on Thanksgiving — and there’s really no reason for this cruel and unsustainable tradition.

    What’s unsustainable? I think adult turkeys mate and make new little turkeys. Female turkeys lay eggs and the male turkeys do something – I don’t know what but they do something. It is sustainable.

  10. You laugh…I have x-relatives who would not allow their college age son to come inside the house for Thanksgiving because he was not vaccinated. He traveled all the way from Colorado to Wisconsin only to be denied access. FJB

  11. What a stupid stupid idiot.

    The inventor of the PCR test Dr Kerry Mullis explained that this test was not to test for viruses like covid (if there even is such a thing). The inventor of the damned test.

    Dr Mullis was a Nobel prize recipient, and explained that Anthony Fauxy is a bureaucrat moron who has no idea what he is talking about. Dr Mullis died within the past couple years.

    In any case, the PCR test does not work. It is yet one more flaw and idiot junk science in the covid hoax scam lie and hysteria.

    The whole thing is a lie. The corporate media is completely useless and is entirely a propaganda arm of the far left.

    I did thanksgiving with a houseful of people. No tests no discussion of covid none of that shit. No one got sick it was just like it always had been.

    Time to end all of the covid psychosis and hysteria.

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