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Experts Confirm COVID Deaths Massively Inflated

Western Journal: Imagine if someone had said these words in October:

“In the midst of everything COVID, people were sort of putting down that cause of death as COVID … It is important to go back and do this accounting to see if COVID was actually the cause of death.”

It would have taken five minutes for Snopes and PolitiFact to cancel this person entirely. They would have been branded a conspiracy theorist, a blackguard, a scoundrel. If they had any platform, it would be taken away posthaste. You could even make a case there would be Facebook and Twitter censorship involved — this being COVID-19 misinformation, after all.

But those words were spoken Friday by University of California San Francisco professor of medicine Dr. Monica Gandhi, an infectious disease expert. She was speaking to San Francisco’s KPIX-TV regarding the announcement that Santa Clara County, California, had revised its official COVID-19 death toll downward by 22 percent. more here

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  1. ONLY 22 percent? One could make the argument that the death rates were inflated a helluva lot more than that.

  2. Will the hospitals return the extra $$$ they took from taxpayers because they fraudulently reported everything as a Chinaflu death? Inquiring taxpaying minds want to know.

  3. 22% for Santa Clara, which was one of the first ones to admit that the death count was suspicious. But still, even 22% doesn’t sound right. I’ve sure the false rate is higher than that. I’m sure some of the hospitals wanted to keep some of that koronakash.

  4. Lib wifey continues to buy into the chinavirus fear porn. She just presented, in tears, a very obscure, disjointed, and unclear argument for me to get the jabs. I guess my unjabbed state is causing her societal grief. Oh well.

    Why the upset? She had two jabs, she should feel “protected.” At least she realizes in her own way the jabs are ineffective; she’s worried sick about variants. I don’t argue with her about it, it’s wasted breath. 7000 reported jab deaths and over 400k reported adverse jab reactions are “conspiracy theories” to her and her lib gang.

    My body, my choice. I have no sympathy for those who allow themselves to become GMOs.

  5. @flip

    I hear you loud and clear.

    The wife isn’t stupid about a lot of things BUT….
    She has her limits.

  6. @ flip

    I sometimes wonder if their passion to impel others is based on emotion rather than reason. They really don’t want to be wrong, won’t admit being wrong, AND, more importantly, don’t want to be alone in being wrong.

  7. @Dadof4 – “…I sometimes wonder if their passion to impel others is based on emotion rather than reason…”

    You’ve been on this site (and others, I’m sure) long enough to know that ALL liberal ideologies are based on emotion. Facts only destroy their feel-good ideas. This group has multi-culturally, single-handedly destroyed this country.

  8. @ stirrin the pot

    Gotta say, it’s a strange sensation to ride a sinking boat as it goes down.

  9. @Do4 –

    Yeah, I only hope that I am near death before it reaches Titanic proportions.

  10. C’mon. You must want to make some kind of difference if given the chance.

    But, I understand. I know I don’t have my stamina from my teens & 20s any more. I’m good for one or two, not forever.

  11. My Mother’s Death Certificate in box 2 stated Covid 19. Secondary Cause, or Underlying… whatever nonsense on those forms.

    She had been in the hospital so long that had she be been infected with the kung flu she could only have been infected WHILST in that hospital. The hospital admin was so happy to get taxpayer money that they openly admitted to being dirty, underhanded corksoakers. They tacitly admit to being horrendous fuck-ups.

  12. It was all to get rid of Trump and punish his supporters.
    Note the fact that they gave not one shit for THEIR supporters while doing so.
    Simply evil individuals.


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