Explain the Wane?

Pro Football still tops out over all other sports in The United States, yet this year the TV ratings  are down.  Are we losing interest or have we reached peak TV sports in this country?  Maybe it’s not the game, but too many of us that have changed.


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  1. They need to stop politicizing themselves. Yeah, even the pink and red shoes for cancer, the rainbow shit for lgbtvqre and whatever else they do. And the superbowl, which I would watch even though I have no interest in football, went full on stupid. Play the F’ing game!!! What does a singer or a broadway dancer have to do with football???

  2. It is just so exciting watching the multi millionaires from somewhere play the multi millionaires from somewhere else. The NFL does have the best referees money can buy, soon they will require dark glasses and white canes.
    A lot of money changes hands on these games we know nothing about.

  3. I miss pro football.
    So does Mrs. Lazlo, but until they put a stop to disrespecting the flag that so many have given every thing they had to defend, I will not watch.
    Sorry Pro Ball, its College Ball now

  4. The last straw for me was the pervasive “take a knee” protests during the National Anthem which have infected even Pee Wee football, yet the NFL takes no action against these SJWs. Some owners have made their own policy,like Dallas, but I refuse to watch these overpaid spoiled brats play a game while disrespecting our country. And I have been watching football since 1960!

  5. Rush has warned for years that liberalism and their influence infiltrating the NFL was going to ruin the game. And it did. Most of us could overlook and tolerate a lot of the BS but blatantly giving everyone and the country the figure before every game was a breaking point.

  6. They just don’t really understand the psyche of the dominant American population….We don’t like thugs, criminals or those that won’t rise for a 2 minute National Anthem….2 FRIGGIN’ MINUTES!!!!!…..for fucks sakes, some haven’t even put their hand on their heart or even looked at the flag for the last 50 years during the anthem….WE ARE AMERICANS….learn it…

  7. I boycot teams that have kneelers, and I don’t care if they are playing my team, which doesn’t have any. The NFL owes us an apology..

  8. I believe that the tune-out certainly began with the Anthem Agitators: it caused people to think about whether they wanted to watch a game with that crap or not. Then, a certain number of those started to think. I know, the elite’s stereotypical NFL fan doesn’t do much of that, but the elite is wrong. Now, some of those thinkers are also sufficiently knowledgeable of history to recognize that decadent Rome placated the masses with Bread and Circuses, and further realized that in today’s world the same placating/anesthetizing is done with Beer and Football.

    One or more days per week with a focus on brutal sports is one or more days per week not spent on looking into just how brutal the govt, cronies, and elites are at fucking you over. I’d like to think people are waking up to it all.

  9. You can either respect the National Anthem or do without it.
    I recommend doing without it. Its our Anthem and the NFL does not deserve to put on their patriotic farce with our Anthem.
    So no more Anthem at games.
    No more backhand swipes at being anything remotely patriotic or hell, even decent entertainment for a family.
    Just skip the Anthem, let the Armed Forces keep their money they have to pay just to to appear in your stadium. You won’t have to pretend you give a shit. Have tits and ass teams twerking on the sideline with mobile poles on mobile stages so you can have pole dances that are put up on the Jumbotron. Replace the Kiss Cam with Lap Dance, Fight, and Bust-a-cap Cams. Lift bans on drugs and steroids, and lose any morality clause with the players. Maybe we’ll see a shanking or two on the field.
    Lift the ban on bounties on players so we can see some truly horrific career ending injuries in HD
    You can have whatever Bling Bow(e)l you want at the end of a season with the winner being given rings the size of softballs. You can have big Rap acts incite the crowds so they take out their anger on the stadium, several people get shot, hundreds trampled, and the censored beep noise is heard 50% more often than the announcer’s voices.

  10. I am sick of the overpaid thugs and prima donnas.
    Sick of the politics.
    Sick of superfans. (Raider Nation my ass.)
    Sick of preseason games (which should be free since they don’t count.)
    Sick of the filler on sports channels between games.

    This is not a complete list.

  11. My house is a real live Nielsen house, I vote with my remote control, and it counts. I refuse to allow any NFL on my screens. The NFL can deny that there’s a political reason for the pushback, but believe me, there is. I am tired of having political correctness shoved my way. As Laura Ingraham said, “Shut up and sing.” And now I’m having political protests that I actively hate being supported by the NFL – I respect the police. So now I am in deliberate shut down mode. And I find I do not miss the NFL – I get a lot done during the time I formerly wasted.

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