“Explosions” at Brussels Train Station

Breaking now. According to witnesses, there were at least two explosions at a train station in Brussels.

Belgian police say the situation is currently under control. No word on casualties as of yet.

21 Comments on “Explosions” at Brussels Train Station

  1. Well, will the left be back to there “this is not an act that represents a whole” or will it be “inside every white European male is a crusader just itching to break free and murder innocent people”?

    “Suicide bomber”… bombs are tricky to build so that they don’t blow up in the apartment of the builder- just ask Bill Ayers. I’m going with the non crusader bet. This guy is either named Mohammed or is 1 degree of separation from a dozen Mohammeds.

  2. They’ll blame the guy in London who hit the mosque worshippers. Then some beta males will go on MSNBC and CNN Round tables – “If only white people would just take their beatings and murders like civilized people, then the world can be a better place. Oh that and it’s Donald Trump’s fault.”

  3. The situation is “under control”? I highly doubt that if a couple of bombs were detonated. The smart thing would have been to have potential situations under control to KEEP bombs from being detonated.

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