Extensive Two-Year Study Pokes All Kinds of Holes in N95 Masks – Biden, Fauci Hardest Hit – IOTW Report

Extensive Two-Year Study Pokes All Kinds of Holes in N95 Masks – Biden, Fauci Hardest Hit


And there it is. Again.

After the CDC took nearly two years to tell America and presumably the world that cloth masks were virtually worthless for mitigating the spread of COVID-19 and that N95 masks provide “the highest” level of protection, a new peer-reviewed, international randomized controlled trial (RCT) has found no statistically significant real-world evidence that masks stop aerosolized transmission of the virus.

n my not-so-humble opinion — an opinion many of us have shared for nearly two years — masks are largely virtue-signaling symbols worn by liberals, or others frightened into believing that masks are effective in preventing one from contracting the virus. Incidentally, if they did? Why did liberals’ hair catch on fire if they were wearing a mask and you weren’t? Rhetorical question, of course. more

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  1. I knew it was complete Bull Shit but everyone made me wear them during the Inside part of my service calls.

    No Problem, $5 charge for PPE on EVERY SERVICE CALL.

    I sold the same damned mask 20 times a week!

  2. Shopping n Petsmart when face diapers were mandatory – husband sneezes and the ‘stuff’ came flying out of the mask for at least 5 feet. Useless pieces of crap made in China.

  3. I think that during the entire time we were told to “mask up!”, I used fewer than a dozen masks — all but two provided by someone else. I never bought them. I never wore them for longer than necessary and never while driving. And the times I did wear one it was usually pulled below my nose so I could breath and not feel claustrophobic. Something that saved me is that I don’t like shopping and am perfectly content staying home when I’m not working, which meant I was used to not being in public much. I just found one of those thin blue one’s in a pocket of a jacket yesterday, all crumpled up and worn fuzzy.

    There are far too many people, mostly young, who are still wearing them. My heart breaks when I see a young, healthy family “all masked up!”, down to the baby in the stroller. What kind of psych damage has been done to a child who has spent most of his/her life wearing the odious things? And all for no other reason than that a evil man scared their parents because he could.

    When does Fauci go on trial?

  4. As with most of us here (Groucho possibly not withstanding) I refused to fall for the hoax and adamantly refused to wear a mask even once. I may have mentioned it before but sometime in the late summer of ’20, I was escorted out of the local family dollar….. I’ll never darken their doorstep again. BUT! I went everywhere else I had to go sans mask and conducted my business. F*ck fauxi I know we’ll pay his ridiculous retirement for years to come but he will answer to God.

  5. The doctor’s office called me this week. Wanted to tell me that I was overdue for my yearly physical and that I needed to come in. He may or may not have known that I cancelled my appointment earlier in the year due to their mask policy.

    I asked what the mask policy currently was and it has not changed. You must have one to enter the office and have one on while there. I told him I didn’t agree with the policy. I gave no further explanation because it’s a waste of effort.

    But it’s nagging at me that maybe I need to lighten up. That I’m not actually accomplishing anything other than possibly endangering my health.

    I’ve cancelled two credit cards issued from banks that went woke. I moved my accounts from a bank that went woke to a credit union. I’ve ceased doing business with several companies and ceased ordering online from others. I recognize that my efforts are miniscule and that they have virtually zero effect in the grand scheme of things but dammit, I am doing something.

    But this health issue, I just don’t know how what to do. Many doctor’s here have gone concierge and I’m certain I could find one that has a brain in his or her head. A brain that can function because they are not answering to insurance companies and consortiums of doctors beholden to a hospital. Unfortunately, we can’t afford that type of care.

    I’m in a pickle.

  6. Funny it took em two years when it’s written right on the fucking box.

    The voids in the masks are 10x larger than the virus (implying that a hypothetically spherically-shaped cluster of 100 viruses could penetrate each void at each breath)! More bullshit from the purveyors of bullshit.

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …

  7. how many taxpayer dollars went toward this “extensive two year study”? i could have produced the findings in a month and at half the expense!

  8. With all the info out there, I still see people walking around OUTSIDE in the sun wearing masks. I have come to the healthy conclusion that no matter what there is no vaccine for stupidity.

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  10. The less control people have over a situation, the more desperately they seek to control something within that situation — even if what they are seeking to control happens to be the most mundane and inconsequential aspect of it. It’s why people made sure deck chairs were kept in their neat and proper arrangement while the Titanic took on water. It’s also why the more likely it is that a person says “WELL, I GOTTA DO SOMETHING!”, the less likely it is that person does something good.

  11. Changed my PCP who became enveloped by a large medical system. Face diapers mandatory until you get into the examination room where he doesn’t give a shit if you wear the mask.

    Found Found a Nurse Practitioner that my daughter did clinicals with who doesn’t require the face diaper. Actually comes to your house or you can come to her. What’s this “house call” thing? 1950’s is back.

  12. mystaclean — The steps you’ve taken are admirable. I applaud your efforts. If every one of us would do the same, and not simply shrug off being dictated to — especially by entities who need our money to survive — I believe there would be real change in their behaviors.

    So far as the medical pickle you’re in: realize that they are asking you to wear a mask out of their own irrational fear. We know it’s completely irrational because those who are least likely to contract any kind of illness (young, strong, 20-30-somethings) are the most militant about wearing masks. It’s as though they NEVER read/heard a single word about the fatality demographics of covid. That, plus they were scared out of their wits by the Covid Boogie Man (Fauci, et al) that they would be responsible for killing their parents and grandparents if they didn’t “Mask Up!”.

    Well, a LOT of this young, mask-Nazi demographic work at the lower levels of health care, including the reception and scheduling desks. Have you asked your doc what he or she personally thinks of the efficacy of wearing a useless mask? If they’re ignorant enough to agree with the useless masking, then it’s time to find another doc; one who isn’t so silly and incurious. If they are unafraid to tell you what they think and they disagree entirely with the mask mandates, then wear a mask long enough to break through the fontlines and into his private office in order to receive your health exams. Sometimes you just do what you have to do.

  13. Saw this on another news site and I’m using it 🤪

    Masks stop a virus like underwear stop a fart LOL 🤣🤣🤣

    I may just truck through Trader Joe’s and just happen to say it out loud while I’m walking an aisle with a bunch of mask Nazi’s 😁

  14. On the contrary, my friend.
    It wasn’t just Fauci, single handedly involved in the destruction.
    Every single commie dictator in state leadership.
    Every power hungry ass hole in any position of power, aided in the destruction of the economy and society.
    Those of us who love freedom, assessed the potential outcomes, and wanted to power through.
    That wasn’t good enough for those who think they are better than God.
    Now I get to console a friend, who survived communism, as she sees us heading straight for it.
    She knows there is nowhere to run.
    I hate everyone who supported all the ridiculous shit, from masking to “6 apart”, one way store aisles, plastic partitions, can’t buy seeds, can’t buy paint, can’t purchase whatever the ruling power deems ‘unnecessary’.
    The “Rules for thee, not for me”, crowd.
    Hopefully, God will cut me some slack for not forgiving those,who I believe are demons.

  15. The nonsense was clear from day one when there was no requirement that mask wearers be clean shaven. A seal between skin and 1/2 mask must be made and maintained for the appliance to be effective. In three sorrowing years of mask debate not one single time have I heard this mentioned by any of the little dictators, or big ones either.

    This setting aside the fact that the virus is small enough to get through the N-95 matting along with the air. They stopped letting people use N-100s because of the exhalation valve (duh) after a while. Then we couldn’t use gaiters cuz they’re not effective (tra-duh-la).

    HEPA intake and exhaust filters on a fresh air supply (cover the head, secured at the shoulder, local pump) respirator aren’t even going to work filtering a virus.

    Remote, known clean, air supply would work on the way in but not on the exhaust air.

    In the end the masks work just as well as the shots, and with much less risk, so, Wear those masks, take those shots and don’t forget the boosters even for a minute.

  16. Outside of the hospital and cancer clinic, I’ve never worn one. Actually that’s not true I forgot I had to wear one at the abstract office when I sold some property, that was way early on and I bitched and refused to pull it above my nose. I told the lady if she didn’t like it, leave the papers in the room and I’d sign them.

    The ignorant cancer center, actually all of that hospital’s different hospitals and clinics still have a stupid mask policy. The only reason we put up with it is because my husband likes his doctor. We wear them until we’re out of sight of the Karen at the entrance and the male version of her that acts as a security guard.


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