Extraordinarily High Early Vote Ballots Cast in GA-06: Karen Handel -vs- Jon Ossoff

Conservative Treehouse:

National Democrats have thrown almost $30 million into the Georgia congressional race in support of Jon Ossoff.  Most of their expenditures have been focused on registration and early voting ballots in support of the Democrat candidate.  The early voting closed Friday and showed a massive amount of new registration and early voting.


The contest for Georgia’s 6th District seat is one Democrats have targeted for months as their best chance to win a special election and deal President Donald Trump a major setback.  Media polling has also been working hard to provide benefit to Ossoff.

Georgia Republicans need to get off the couches and drive a strong turnout.


23 Comments on Extraordinarily High Early Vote Ballots Cast in GA-06: Karen Handel -vs- Jon Ossoff

  1. Bannon was right.
    This battle is just getting started.
    Dig in for the long fight
    We will win if we stay true

  2. We older folk vote on Election Day. All the Ossoff kids vote when they’re told to.

    It seems to me that after $30,000,000 spent, you Ossoff supporters might ask why he is not 50 points ahead. See you Tuesday. Oh, that’s right…you shot your wad already.

  3. Democrat Progressive/socialists have been to all the nursing homes, low income housing units, mental health facilities, homeless shelters and the absentee ballots have been cast for Assoff, the socialist Carpet Bagger.

  4. I hope not only does he lose, but loses big. Really rub it in deep.

    That will make the Democrats like what, 0 for 4 in special elections since Trump took office. Four times US Pravda (CNN, MSLSD, NBC, CBS, ABC, NYSLimes, Wash Compost etc) will have declared a particular special election as a referendum on Trump and four times with egg on their face.

  5. Gee Wally, someone should ask Assoff how he intends to pay off that 30 million dollar debt!

    By working with his corrupt democRAT cronies, being soft on crime, stealing public funds, establishing hostile business environments, heavily taxing the most productive citizens, setting up fat pensions for their union friends and pandering to Black people by selling them “Hope and Change” Snake-oil every election cycle Beave!

  6. The North Koreafornia is bankrolling teenage carpetbaggers in Podunk elections. Smells like desperation.

  7. I believe he will lose bigly. When he does we will hear more excuses from the progs.

    They will never admit it is thier policy goals that ensure their defeat. To do so would forever shatter their world view and separate them from their small donors and base.

    The big donors don’t care about ideology. The want political favors to enrich themselves. If the progs can’t deliver this by winning elections and controlling Congress they will put their money elsewhere in the future.

  8. The pitch in Ossoff’s tv ads make him out to be the second coming of Ronald Reagan. And we’re being deluged in them. 30 megabucks buys a LOT of Atlanta tv airtime.

  9. I really don’t mind if he loses by just a couple percentage points. It gives the corrupt democrats hope and they will keep pouring their money down the rat hole.

  10. The Democrat seems to be heavily leading in early balloting. If that is the case there is no better time to investigate for voter fraud. Numbers have been floating around about 40K new voters in the early ballots which would be around 1 in 4 so a concerted check of those should show pretty quickly if the Dems have thrown caution to the wind this time out.

    Having said that every conservative of any stripe needs to get out and vote. If you have a car, call your local precinct or country Republican HQ and offer to drive voters for a few hours or the whole day. Act as scrutineers (if Georgia allows them) to check the ID’s of dodgy looking newly registered voters and to ensure that registered republicans have voted. Get on the phone to remind Republican voters to get there and ask if they need a ride.

    Make sure the the Dems look back at this day in horror when they look at the laws they broke, the crap they may have unleashed and the huge amount of time and treasure they spent on this contest and still lost.

  11. A Handel win = automatically massive voter fraud and Russian collusion.

    An Ossoff win = because democratic principles and diversity are obviously superior.

    You know that’s how it’s gonna play out.

  12. The street gangs are rousting all the blacks to vote… or else. And the DNC street thugs will take vans around the district making sure every person who died in the last five year gets a vote too.

  13. I hope it’s REALLY too close to call so the feds need to go in and check the ballots.


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