Extremely Awkward Biden Ad

“Boy, could my dad drive a car!”

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  1. That is a pretty sweet Vette.
    A guy I worked for in 1998-9 had a ’79 911 that had been lowered (as if you needed to lower it). That thing was a go-cart, handled amazingly, but you had to pay attention 100% of the time. Quick too. Fun. I’d drive it on errands, because I could. 🙂

  2. Fuck you joey. Nice of you to rev the shit out of it on startup, even Rainman is smart enough not to do that.
    You should have done the video with your “Free Candy” van that you normally drive around town.

  3. It is going to be non stop MSM fellating for the next 3 months, ads with the Hurrycane, Depends, Sunsweet prune juice, and Polident Dentu-creme are already in the works.

    My first reaction was, “Jeez, he really looks old”. And nice CGI work with him backing into the garage, yeah, that really happened.

  4. Yep, does sure look old.

    He’s got that old man’s hair. You’ll laugh, but not having his hair not cut close to the back of his neck, with long strands sticking out, ages him further.

    Love or hate POTUS distinctive hair it’s not nursing home hair like Joe’s.

  5. Starts off with him driving with a mask on—which non-Karen Americans think is ridiculous—and ends with him backing into the garage. Lame, lame, lame. But I would like to see him at 200 mph in an electric Corvette. He’ll step on the GO Pedal instead of the Brake, like the old folks tend to do. Hope there are no BLM pieceful protesters around when that happens.

  6. @ Illustr8r…

    I saw that too! I thought he was trying to imitate Trump…and failing badly. Worst ducktail ever, It’s like his entire video crew is from “The Office” and Joe is old Dwight Schrute.

  7. is he really trying to convince gear heads and classic car lovers that elec cars are cool? Shit, we’ll have to put playing cards in the spokes of elec cars wheels to make them sound cool.

  8. Does he still have a license?
    Is he only allowed to drive on his private road?
    He and 0bama tried to destroy the auto industry. He wants to win to finish killing it.

  9. This is what we are going to get instead of a cognitive test—look, Joe can ride a bike! Joe can drive a car! Joe can tie his shoes! That’s presidential material right there.

  10. Electric cars could be almost as practical as electric lawnmowers.

    If they came with a 300-mile extension cord, that is.

  11. This POS driving a vette is akin to spitting on the flag. I didn’t think it was possible, but I hate him even more now. For the love of god, someone take his keys away from him.

    P.S. Only a fag puts whitewalls on a Corvette.

  12. That was fake 100% Biden popped the hood but he never left the driveway,someone else was driving the car.
    Look close when the vet is moving.

  13. Sure,
    Sure, lets build an electric car that is completely dependent on Chinese parts.
    Once a sell out, always a sell out.

  14. Flat shifting or power shifting is for the “cool kids” who listened to the Beach Boys’ “Shut Down” for their driving clues. Rather than coming off the throttle, a power shift leaves the throttle pegged as the clutch is cycled and gears changed. Without any load, engine revs quickly increase and the clutch plate is under tremendous stress when it slams into the place. Great way to destroy a clutch and transmission and no way to treat a classic Corvette.

  15. Electric cars can go like stink now days BUT, they still have about the same range as their 1910 ancestors did.

    And speaking as someone five years younger than Ole Joe, I’m not going to knock him for his age but rather for his Lefty policies, his mental decline and his messy garage. I mean come on, the guy’s a multi-millionaire and he has crap piled up in there like that?

  16. Keep the Vette, ditch joey. Dan Ryan Galt is that a new and updated politically correct version of See You Later Alligator by Bill Haley and The Comets. Joey doesn’t drive a Vette, somewhere in that garage is a pedal powered mini Corvette or one of those little battery powered kiddie cars and it’s probably pink.

  17. He feels like he’s in control because he’s sitting in the driver’s seat? Well I hope so!
    That was an awkward ad.
    Lame transition to electric cars.
    What a tool. An ad for American made but he wants to outsource everything.

  18. Vettes are cool, joey drools! I got to drive a friends 63 Corvette Stingray with the split rear window and a 427 once when I was in the Navy. I was impressed, great car and it is probably the best looking and coolest Corvette that Chevy ever built in my book.

  19. It runs in the family. Old man Biden was a deadbeat who blew his inherited wealth, then took his family (including Slingblade Joe) to live with his grandparents until he finally found work as a used car salesman.

  20. Was this like riding the bike last weekend, somehow proving competence.
    More stealing of the Trump agenda. Joe isn’t planning on making anything in America ever again.

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