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Eye Parasite Lurks in Under-Cooked Meat

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Toxoplasma gondii is probably the most successful parasite in the world today. This microscopic creature is capable of infecting any mammal or bird, and people across all continents are infected. Once infected, a person carries Toxoplasma for life. So far, we don’t have a drug that can eradicate the parasite from the body. And there is no vaccine approved for use in humans.

Across the world, it’s estimated 30–50% of people are infected with Toxoplasma – and infections may be increasing in Australia. A survey of studies conducted at blood banks and pregnancy clinics across the country in the 1970s put the infection rate at 30%. However, a recent Western Australian community-based study found 66% of people were infected. More

Something it ponder while grilling out this weekend. – Dr. Tar

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  1. We have ladymen who occasionally occupy our rectums and we have to pay your hard earned tax dollars to keep them quiet. Parasites indeed!

  2. Most pirates think it was an itch and wrongfully using the hook hand….Turns out it was just a parasite?….who knew?…

  3. If you have or ever had a cat, chances are you have toxoplasmosis.

    Who gives a shit? It doesn’t affect most people at all.

  4. Nice editing job on the title! 😀

    I must have toxoplasmosis to not see that in the first place- Dr. Tar

  5. Visited Louisiana,got crabs. Ok going more north east next time, got crabs again. So I cruised into Detroit on the way home from the east. No crabs but I didn’t stop, even for red lights.

  6. One of many nasty diseases passed onto humans by cats.

    I’m not a cat hater but care needs to be taken with any animal that spends a great deal of time out and about, particularly predators and scavengers. That includes feral humans.

  7. “Once infected, a person carries Toxoplasma for life” Just like having Herpes or any type of relationship with the CLINTONS!

  8. “So far, we don’t have a drug that can eradicate the parasite from the body. And there is no vaccine approved for use in humans.”

    Bullshit, the covid 19 ‘vaccine’ will kill the parasite….the death of the host is inconsequential.

  9. What really pisses me off is neighbors who let their friggin cats run loose so they can shit in my yard. I don’t blame the cat, I blame the damn cat owners.

  10. Probably PETA or the Commie’s trying to stop us from eating meat. 😡

    Isn’t that just like them with the fearmongoring and the bleeding heart’s. They are bound and determined to get us to eat bugs.🦗
    No thanks these people suffer from mental illness.

    Wasn’t there a bunch of meat recalled lately? 🤔 Some of those news articles makes me distrust the government even more.

    Well I’ll continue to eat cow, pig, chicken and fish and never get the clot shot. 😉


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