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Eye-Patch McCain Is A Drama Queen

Alex Bruesewitz, the CEO X Strategies LLC will tell you all about it. [Starts at 13:35]

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  1. I can see it now….
    Dan, Adam, Liz, etc, at a sleepover combing each others’ hair whining, don’t these people know who they are? How dare they! 😂😂😂

  2. Crazy how quickly he turned. He was great 4 years ago, nothing at the time to suggest this U-turn.
    Tulsi Gabbard is more outspoken against the ‘Biden’ regime than 98% of Republicans. I wish she had started as a Republican. And that she would support capitalism – when she dropped from Congress it was partially to support Bernie, of all socialists.

  3. First of all, reconstructive surgery has been around for quite some time. The only reason someone needs an eyepatch is for Halloween, Talk Like A Pirate Day or being a disingenuous politician.

    Crenshaw just wants a distinctive look or let’s call it for what it really is, a facade!
    Itz his gimmick!

  4. The catastrophic times we find ourselves in makes it pretty easy to distinguish the good guys from the bad guys, both can be identified by asking them 5 basic questions;

    Do we have a crisis at the border and if so, how would you fix it?
    Define for us that point in Ukraine at which we will no longer be sending them money and equipment.
    Did government have any role in the exploding inflation/deficit situation we are in now?
    Do parents have a fundamental right to decide where their kids go to school and what is taught at that school?
    Does each individual have a right to defend himself with a firearm and what concrete no bullshit steps would you take to solve the crime problem in America?

    If they can\’t answer these questions, they don\’t get the job.

  5. I follow him on INSTAGRAM. Mainly so I can harass his ass when he says something stupid. I’m far from alone. In fact there’s times when all the comments are negative. He ignores what message is being sent to him. Instead, we are all Trolls who don’t respect and injured vet. The dude trying to pack his bank account. He was number three on the most money made from inside training. There’s also a picture of him attending a WEF event. The dudes a snake.

  6. He just looked around and said”hey I want to be rich too” next thing you know he’s a rino.

  7. My answers to Rich’s quiz:
    1. Build the wall and if that doesnt work, build the minefield.
    2. When they get done killing Rooskies.
    3. No. Im sure Trump is responsible and poor Biden inherited the problem. (There are actually a shitload of people that believe this)
    4. I hope to shit in your mess kit (Old army expression of affirmation).
    5. Yes. Triple the number of prison cells and fill them. If DAs and judges fail to uphold the law then toss them in. Since when can they refuse to perform their job?

  8. From Brad’s link;

    “I’ve had extensive conversations with Senator Klobuchar, and sat down and heard her concerns, and we worked together on this amendment,” said Cruz.

    Sorry Ted, big “fail” there, anytime a democrat is working with you, you are about to get snookered.

    Although to be fair (and I’m stretching here) the situation in DC is so fucked up, with each piece of legislation hundreds of pages that nobody reads, 2 Republicans could vote differently and both think they are doing the right thing.

    It’s not that hard, whatever the dems want, just vote the other way, of course, a flamethrower to the whole city would solve the problem.

  9. Uncle Ted legitimized Jan 6 as an insurrection. I was officially done with Cruz at that point. He’s no better than Lindsey Graham.

  10. And speaken of turn coat bull shit. Or just weapons grade stupid. What legislation is Lindsey Grahams pushing 45 days out from the mid terms. Well abortion of course. Legitimizing Democrat claims that this election is all about abortion. STUPID. He will cost us some votes. Why no wait until after the election dip shit? Unless you have other motives.

  11. Blind in one eye and can’t see out the other.🥴

  12. I never have been able to understand the allure of this guy

  13. LOL 😂😂 MJA
    McCain wanna be looks like he’s wearing a racerback bra.

  14. fuck the flamethrower, just tactical nuke DC and blame Putin, he’s not bluffin’.Make sure eyepatch is centered on the target screen standing next to Sissy Graham, Liz Chinny and Piglosi.


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