EYE ROLL ALERT: SPLC adds more ‘Hate Groups’ to their list


he Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) claims there has been a 20-percent surge in hate groups since 2014. The so-called civil rights organization also claims a rise since Donald Trump was elected.

MSN.com reports:

The Southern Poverty Law Center’s annual census identified 954 hate groups in 2017, a 4 percent rise from the year before. The increase followed a 2.8 increase in 2016, and the most recent number represents a jump of one-fifth from 2014.

Among the more than 600 U.S. white supremacist groups, neo-Nazi organizations rose to 121 from 99. Anti-Muslim groups increased for a third year in a row, to 114 from 101 in 2016, after tripling in number a year earlier, the report said.

What’s not mentioned in the report is how the SPLC arrives at these figures. As TruthRevolt has reported time and time again, the SPLC has put elementary schools on its various lists if it’s named after a Confederate general. The group also targets churches and ministries as “anti-gay” if they don’t support same-sex marriage. And if any organization wants to expose the truths about Islam, well they’re, of course, “Islamophobic.”

So, it’s really not surprising that the SPLC has seen an “increase” in hate groups, because they’re the ones who decide what a hate group is. READ MORE

15 Comments on EYE ROLL ALERT: SPLC adds more ‘Hate Groups’ to their list

  1. “. The so-called civil rights organization also claims a rise since Donald Trump was elected.”

    No doubt that true. CNN, CBS, NBC, ABC, MSNBC, the NYT, the Washington Post, ect. have all become hate groups in the Trump era. However since they are not on the SPLC’s list, the list is BullS..t.

    And flip was 100% dead on– the SPLC is and always has been a hate group. They hate America and liberty.

  2. Doesn’t the United States stand for “life, liberty, & the pursuit of happiness” – but DOESN’T GUARANTEE them to women & minorities?!?! :derp:

    Better add the U.S. as a, “hate group.” 🙄

  3. “Arriving at these figures” …. Christians, take note – but there it is – nothing new under the sun …..
    BTW, this IS our Father’s world
    SPLF – even with $300M in the bank – remains impoverished

  4. CAIR?
    La Raza?

    Sorry, they smell nihilistically/socialistically/totalitarianistically motivated.

    izlamo delenda est …

  5. CNN, ABC, CBS, MSNBC…. They hate Trump more than anyone.

    Hell, just take Hillary’s 65,844,954 votes (which she’s so keen to point out), divide it by 2 and we have 32,922,477 HATE GROUPS on the left.

  6. No one asks where the “Center” is located or how many lawyers it employs or how it is funded or what legal work it does.
    That is because the SPLC is just one guy with a computer and the MSM doesn’t want anyone to know.

  7. Hey, SPLC, your mommy says it’s time for you to get out of her basement and find a real job. The economy has recovered.

  8. When you’re a racist, you tend to see racism everywhere you look – not to mention the “Rainbow/PUSH” style extortion it allows you to profit from.


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