Eyebrows Are Banging

h/t Muckraker Mark

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  1. 25 and living with her Dad?
    Where’s she find the money to “do” her eyebrows?
    Give her the “heave-ho” and then she can do (and say) anything she damn well pleases about her eyebrows.

    izlamo delenda est …

  2. Sorry I have been known to look at a woman when she has a bushy unibrow, single eyebrow. You know one that runs right over to the other via the middle of her forehead. Now that catches my eye. But just out of the curiosity of people being narrow minded.

  3. Oh, that was a priceless rant!!
    I laughed out loud!
    What a great, cleansing feeling to laugh hysterically at something that is so inane and not really mean or dirty!

  4. I laughed so hard – they felt they needed subtitles!!!!! Even the “Jesus” at the end! Bwwaaaahahaha

    Didn’t we just have a post about uni-brows? I suppose that would be more acceptable to me than tattoos.

  5. The only thing that catches my eye is when girls who’ve tweezed their eyebrows completely bare, use a eyebrow pencil to draw them back on. Leave them alone. Natural, no matter thickness looks better.

  6. Frida Kahlo, Mexican communist and so-called artist. She had an amazing uni. It’s the only thing she should have been famous for.

  7. This reminded me of the time when we first started making love and he wanted a cigarette after. He says, I gotta get up and go to the stove, ’cause I don’t have a lighter or any matches. Me, so eager to please, says I’ll do it. HA! I think I saw it in a movie or something, since I never smoked. Well, I came back smoking but the ciggy wasn’t. Singed my eyebrows right off. I had long, thick hair to my waist, I was lucky I didn’t burst into flames. Ah, to be 17 again.

  8. BTW, if you go to a party and they have food spread out on a table with no “roof” on it to catch things, beware. All kinds of yucky things fall out of people in the food line: eyebrows, hair, boogers, snot, and old skin cells. Don’t eat it.

    Then people insist on yakking to each other, so you could get a wad of someone’s saliva on your salad.


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