Ezekiel Emanuel: U.S. Must Stay Locked Down For 12-18 Months Until There’s A Vaccine

The plan to lockdown the country for a year and a half comes from the guy who said people should die at 75.

I wrote about this earlier last month, finding it suspicious that a party who largely has little use for the elderly, and who thinks they should be sloughed off, would be that overly concerned with a virus that preyed on the elderly.

If Emanuel could design a virus in the lab, this would be the one.

So, one has to conclude that this advocation for lockdown is a deliberate attempt to have the populace look to the government to take care of them.

Hello socialism!


Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel explains when he believes life will get back to normal after the coronavirus, predicting that “the crisis is not going to go away in a few weeks or after the 30-day plan comes to an end.”

“Realistically, COVID-19 will be here for the next 18 months or more. We will not be able to return to normalcy until we find a vaccine or effective medications,” e said. “I know that’s dreadful news to hear. How are people supposed to find work if this goes on in some form for a year and a half? Is all that economic pain worth trying to stop COVID-19? The truth is we have no choice.”


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37 Comments on Ezekiel Emanuel: U.S. Must Stay Locked Down For 12-18 Months Until There’s A Vaccine

  1. I foresee mandatory testing and vaccinations for all citizens in the near future, with economic and social participation dependent upon compliance.

  2. Bring on ‘Beyond Thunder-dome’ Part 2! That’s America’s future if the lockdown goes 12 months are more!

  3. Like rats in cages? What kind of psycho would even say this out loud? This is why we keep our guns.

  4. The “lockdown” was bullshit from the start – and the fact that this greedy, America-hating maggot wants to extend it is absolute proof.

    It’s a flu, Zeke … nothing but a flu … remember the flu? Where were you when Obola was profiting off the swine flu? Probably stuffing your pockets, as well.
    Before you were an American-hating Nazi motherfucker you were sposed to be a doctor – so – think back.

    izlamo delenda est …

  5. Got some advice for him: Make sure that ALL of the guns have been confiscated before you decide to do that.

  6. 18-month lock down = many States secede from the Union

    That’s what China and Russia hope for because it will also end the U.S. Dollar as the world’s reserve currency.

    They can kill two birds with one stone virus.

  7. He must have thought the sleeping giant was still asleep and wanted to poke it just to make sure.
    Time to take back our rights, by whatever means necessary.

  8. “…blah blah blah…The truth is we have no choice.”

    I’m gonna be pro-choice on this one.
    fuck off zeke.
    This is America and we all have choices, Freedom and liberty, too.
    Go sell your Newtonian fatalism to biden- I’m sure he’ll try to listen to you, or at least look like he’s paying attention (if you have cookies, that might help- he likes them).

  9. Wasn’t this “genius” one of the big shots that directed the writing of the Obama-no-care bill complete with its shaky foundation. If not a writer of Obama-no-care he was at least a major cheer leader for it.
    He is one of those guys with years of higher education that never escaped being in the bottom 5% of dumb-asses.

  10. He was 1 of 2 who created “ObungoCare”
    The other guy was caught on hot mike
    saying the American people where too
    stupid to understand obungoCare.

  11. Time to turn off the Corona Fraud machine. The best we might get is an annual shot. I’ll take my chances like I do 24/7 anyway. I want to go back to work. I don’t want any stimulus money. I want to get in my vehicle, go to my job, and Earn some money. I am not a Democrat, I don’t want handouts or charity. I don’t NEED any. I want my life back, now!

  12. I would give this lock-down another week before conscientious objectors reach critical mass.

    People are all in for reasonable measures, AND they are going to be the ones who define what is unreasonable.

  13. I’m not saying it’s a good idea for someone to track Ezekiel Emanuel down and beat his commie skull in with a baseball bat, but I wouldn’t lose any sleep over it is someone die. JFC, Fuck All Democrats.

  14. Do all the people that do his domestic work like cleaning and his admin staff get to stay home too?

    Fuck Him!

    Build up some resistance as a society and then NUKE the Fucking Commie Liar and Thieves

    I have been working a little bit every day, Barbecuing, and working out while avoiding people. Better than sitting at home waiting to Die like CNN and The Canadian Broadcasters want while they go out and interview Street Idiots

  15. If this frikin fool is so psychic why doesn’t he tell the exact time and date the virus will be completely eradicated from the earth?

  16. Communists have NO CURRENCY in my world. Communists are the ENEMY of ALL free people at all times. Zeke, like Rahm and buddy 0bama are communists. May they rot forever.


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