‘F–ing bring it’: Matt Gaetz fires back at anti-Trump GOP Rep Adam Kinzinger for targeting his seat

BPR: If anyone thought U.S. Rep. Matt Gaetz was worried about plans by hardcore anti-Trump, pro-impeachment House colleague and Air Force vet Adam Kinzinger (R -Ill.) to oust him from office, the self-described Florida Man and tenacious Donald Trump supporter set the record straight on Twitter.

He also subsequently claimed that Kinzinger might be harboring some personal animosity for the ex-president unrelated to the impeachment proceedings.

“Adam is a patriot who fought for America from Northwest Florida. We will always appreciate & honor his service. Now, he wants to target my America First politics, referencing me by name. My response: F*****g bring it. Adam needs PACs to win elections. I don’t.” Gaetz declared. Gaetz has previously disavowed accepting any campaign contributions from PACs. more

11 Comments on ‘F–ing bring it’: Matt Gaetz fires back at anti-Trump GOP Rep Adam Kinzinger for targeting his seat

  1. From what I have seen, and from some personal experience, the Air Force is one branch of the military that has gone full blown leftard. So Kinzinger isn’t a big surprise. Watch out for those running for office as “conservatives” with an AF background.

  2. Like my son who is ex Navy said after having boots and a uniform stolen, “Mom, just because someone’s in the military doesn’t mean they’re good people.”

  3. The handfull of honorable men who defended the President during Russiagate and the first sham-peachment are still with him. Jordan, Nunes, Gaetz are the heroes we need to support. The rest are nothing but skunk poop.

  4. I tend to give former military the benefit of the doubt, but there are bad apples amongst all groups.
    Example? Lee Harvey Oswald, USMC, court martialed and imprisoned, but eventually given an honorable discharge.

    Not comparing him to kizinger, but not all former mil are good guys.


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