“F* You” Right Back, Megan Rapinoe

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Radical leftist Megan Rapinoe started kneeling during the national anthem back in 2016. She said it was a protest against white supremacy and in support of black lives matter movement. She later said it was a protest against the treatment of gays in the US.

(She should try Iran!)

But today she says her protesting during the anthem is her f*** you to Trump and all of his racism.

Megan Rapinoe is a captain of the US women’s soccer team. More

38 Comments on “F* You” Right Back, Megan Rapinoe

  1. Equally belted out “Born in the USA”…That pretty much sums it up

    right there…Fuck Her(it?) and brucey springsteen…

  2. Her “team mates” should take her out back an beat the livin’ shit out of her! Stupid commie cunt has hurt the American support for their team. As of now it’s FUCK YOU AMERICAN SOCCER!

  3. I like this quote, “Because I’m as talented as I am, I get to be here, you don’t get to tell me if I can be here or not.”

    Someone needs to break the news to her that a group of 15 year old boys would destroy her team in a match just like the Aussies did.


    Maybe this is why they are not going to see the big bucks like they whine about, because this could easily happen if someone set up such a match.

    And yes, we do get to tell you what to do because the team is supposed to represent our nation, not the passionate feelings of someone who has an inflated view of themselves and where they rank in the pecking order of athletes in the world.

  4. said it was a protest against the treatment of gays in the US

    I, for one, welcome our new beardy overlords.

  5. Am I supposed to respect a sport where every thirty seconds someone drops to the ground and gives an Academy Award winning rendition of being shot?

    Fuck you you ignorant cunt! 🙁

  6. She should get a GI shower from her team mates. I mean scrubbed.
    She stinks and needs a shower. It’s up to the US team to fuck her up, big time.

  7. Lady your job is to kick a ball around, and run around after it.
    That’s all we need from you.

  8. I think Winnie Mendella executed half her soccer team for losing a game. That cunt, Rapinoe, should move to Africa and pull her shit there.

  9. I wonder how long the kneeling would last if conservative reports started saying how wonderful it is that the kneeler are so reverential that they go beyond standing in respect, they kneel in humble tribute of reverence to the anthem, as in prayers.

    Stop giving them what they want; notice.

  10. There are, I’m sure , many great girls on that team who deserve our support, but they should chastise that wayward bitch. Remind her that there is no “I” in team. It’s up to them if they want America’s support. Dump the bitch!
    Otherwise, fuckem, I hope they lose.

  11. U.S. Women’s soccer has little support. Thanks to a hateful, whiney, lesbian libtard, it’s guaranteed woman’s soccer will suffer the same fate as the NFL – an abysmal season. Kneeling in protest is so two years ago. Soccer organizers better get that activist queer’s mind right before she cost them sponsorship.

  12. “I am Wymyn hear me queef!” —This is your aberrant brain on steroids.

    She should start a celeb athlete support group with Kaitlyn (or whatever he calls himself) Jenner. She could air out all her grievances there and STFU in public.

  13. She is an absolute disgrace. There are thousands of young women whose mothers and fathers made the ultimate sacrifice in defense of our flag. Maybe she needs a serious history lesson. Otherwise to hell with her commie bullshit!!!

  14. Why is this degenerate with a horrific dye job still on the US team? Someone needs to stand up and be a fucking man and boot this dyke cunt from the team. I dont care how good you think you are you are not THAT good that they cant do without you. Prime example is today’s match between the women of the US and England. You are NOT needed rapinhoe, just take a hike.

  15. We the people, of the United States of America, do not want or need rapinoe on the US Women’s soccer team. We have all come to the agreement, on a vote of 100% to none that you may take your leave, never to return, and be permanently replaced. You are a disgrace to this great nation and we would not have you represent us in any way, shape, or form.

  16. How sad that Megan thinks her views are so important and the only view that matters that she compromised the entire US women’s soccer team. How incredibly myopic and selfish of her. I was so excited for this team, now I’m just disgusted. She’s ruined the spirit of victory and joy we could all have by making this about HER and only her. What a narcissistic ungrateful hateful person. How dare she abuse her privileged position to push her own agenda and view and disrespect our nation while so many other team mates are working hard for this moment. Just disgraceful.

  17. So they won today and totally let the American Flag drop to the ground. At least one player went and grabbed it because that Megan Cunt certainly does not give a rip about the great country she came from. Screw her and NO, she should not go to the WH!

    She is not helping gay activists at all. I say that as a gay man! We do not need that type of a-hole speaking for us.

  18. “She is not helping gay activists at all. I say that as a gay man! We do not need that type of a-hole speaking for us.”

    Exactly! I’m so sick of chattering angry bastard who thinks they’re representing’ and ‘speaks for’ all. It’s tiring!

  19. Let that RapiHO dyke go live in IRAN or N KOREA.. and run her mouth, disrespect those countries, and TRY to play her little girl “kickball” game, and see how long she lasts! Anyone like her or KaeperDICK who disrespects our flag, anthem or President… and is blessed and fortunate enough to represent our country yet chooses to be an ungrateful shit.. we don’t want them here! Makes me puke !!!

  20. wrap superdike and coloncancernick in a HUGE BETSY ROSS FLAG we can raffle the chance to burn it

  21. What an illiterate cunt. So tired of lefty assholes like that piece of shit. Go live elsewhere. Bitch. Stinking dike can suck a black dick! Nothing but a man hating low level intelligence cunt. Nobody gives a fuck what this pile of garbage has to say?


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