FAA Runs Cover For Biden Administration, Forbidding Drones Over the Airspace Where Thousands of Illegals Cross the Border


The US Federal Aviation Administration has barred drones from flying over a south Texas bridge where more than 10,000 migrants have gathered, preventing local media from capturing aerial footage showing conditions at the site.

An FAA notice issued on Thursday evening announced a two-week no-fly zone for unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) over the Del Rio Bridge in south Texas, citing “special security reasons.” A massive group of migrants has accumulated under the bridge in recent days, with Del Rio’s Mayor Bruno Lozano putting the figure at more than 10,500 as of Thursday night, also calling on President Joe Biden to address the “ongoing crisis” in the Texas border town.

The FAA drone ban was first reported by a local Fox News affiliate, which previously captured dramatic aerial footage showing the vast numbers of migrants packed under the bridge. At the time the footage circulated on Thursday morning, it was estimated some 8,200 people were at the scene, though the mayor suggested the crowd had grown by another 2,000 or so in the hours since. Many of the migrants are reportedly Haitians, apparently fleeing recent natural disasters and political upheaval in their home country.


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  1. Hey, hey, ho, Joe
    How many drones did you ban today?

    This is a childish move, the mark of a guilty mind.

    Putting refugees under a bridge is pretty low. No wonder they don’t want anyone to see it. Especially those coming here. They are under the delusion that America promises them freedom and prosperity, opportunities for wealth and bright futures.

    Sorry folks, but you’ve been lied to. Hope you enjoy your bridge experience.

  2. SO? The FAA “forbids”? Oh, my! What will the FAA do, after you’ve flown your drone, taken your video, and openly transmitted it for the world to see? How will they catch you? I’m sure the FAA has their ways, but with some careful planning, detection could be avoided.
    (what I WOULD suggest, is that before you fly, make anyone that wants to view & re-transmit the ensuing video, pay a subscriber fee, half up front – enough to pay any fines, fees, and buy a new drone to replace the confiscated one)

  3. SuperStraight – I work for the FAA, and while we do have aircraft for checking the calibration of Instrument Landing Systems, to the best of my knowledge, none of them are F-15’s. As long as the drones aren’t traceable or have fingerprints, fly away.

  4. Proving for the “umpteenth time” what Ronny said maybe 1,000 times from ’47 to ’88 “…GOVERNMENT IS THE PROBLEM!”!

    As Ronny, and Jefferson before him, said many times, “the power pie is fixed. Always has been, always will be. The bigger the Govt the less freedom for the deplorable chumps. The smaller the govt the more freedom for the deplorable chumps!”

    I inserted Deplorable and chumps – nolt their wors.

  5. I also read a headline (w/pic) that this regime has sub-contracted to have sections of completed wall (not yet put into place) destroyed, and there have been several areas where completed wall have been cut open and just left there.

    If you still need convincing that we are in a civil war with the Left/Democrats in this country, I don’t know what more evidence is needed.

  6. Tis only the beginning of things to come with this New Communism of the 21st Century! They will censor more news in more ways until they finally march into FOX News and shut them down! Conservative radio is on the block too!

  7. Fuck ’em. Buy a bunch of burner drones you aren’t afraid to lose (pay cash, of course), and fly away. Show the world what they’re doing, and if they wanna be dicks about it, let the world see them doing it.

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