Facebook Apologizes For Flagging Declaration of Independence as Hate Speech – Blames Al Gorithm

This Al Gorithm guy should be fired, no? He’s blamed for every totalitarian hammer the right gets on everything from Twitter to Facebook.


The Declaration of Independence contains hate speech, according to Facebook’s algorithms. Though the social media site eventually allowed the famed historical document to be shared in full, Texas’ Liberty County Vindicator ran into trouble while posting fragments of the text on its Facebook page …

“Unfortunately, [Thomas] Jefferson, like most British colonists of his day, did not hold an entirely friendly view of Native Americans,” the Vindicator‘s managing editor, Casey Stinnett, commented after the text was removed.

Stinnett wasn’t all that upset, though. “The newspaper has little grounds for complaint other than the silliness of it,” he wrote. Still, Facebook later restored the content and apologized. “We made a mistake and removed something you posted on Facebook that didn’t go against our community standards,” the company told the paper.

11 Comments on Facebook Apologizes For Flagging Declaration of Independence as Hate Speech – Blames Al Gorithm

  1. Stop it, get some help!

    We don’t need Al or anything to try and shape public opinion.

    I still don’t have a Fakebook account.

  2. I’ve heard too many people on the Right fall into that trap. The Innocent Nobel Savage trap. They’ll nod their heads in agreement, “but, oh yea, the Indians really got screwed.”

    Yes. Winning is better than losing.

    I always ask “have you ever read the Declaration of Independence”? Maybe studied American history prior to the founding of the country?

    Indians warred with each other constantly. Were mercenaries for which ever colonial power wanted to leverage them against another. Pillaged or murdered anyone passing through their territory at times.

    Everybody wasn’t sitting around smoking the peace pipe and then Whitey showed up and ruined Woodstock.

  3. Algorithms – every single one of them – are written by people.

    Blaming FB’s behavior on algorithms is a stupid as, well, blaming guns for shooting people. Only an idiot would buy either as an excuse for anything.

  4. Fakebook & Google are 2 of the most insidious & viciously anti-American groups there are
    … just 2 more companies on the list that I refuse to patronize

  5. This crap kinda reminds me of that battered woman thing. Facebook beats you up then says oh, I’m so sorry…please gimme another chance honey, I promise not to do it again.
    Get off that site already! I’ve never understood the appeal in the 1st place.


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