Facebook Blocks Bad News About Itself as ‘Spam’

Breitbart Tech: Facebook has blocked users from posting articles from the Guardian the AP about the social media platform’s latest user data breach, marking them as “spam.” The company later reversed decision, which it called an “error.”

The link blocking was first noticed by Shaun Hair, executive editor of the Western Journal, who posted a video of his attempt to post an article from the Guardian about Facebook’s latest data breach to his Facebook page. In the video, Hair pastes a link to the video and receives an error telling him that the link is spam and cannot be posted. read more

4 Comments on Facebook Blocks Bad News About Itself as ‘Spam’

  1. Sooner or later, Facebook will be forced to block everything and everyone due to objectionable content in some form or another. With nothing left to ban, it will then be forced to ban itself due to total lack of approvable content, thus reducing Facebook to the Internet equivalent of a singularity – a black hole.

  2. That is just the tip of the iceberg. A local newspaper Fake News that uses Fccebook to login to post, or even click you like a comment, reports users he doesn’t like to Facebook and they lock down accounts all the time and then it is a major hassle to get them reopened. Does it all the time and Facebook has to be complicit. These people are total control freaks. I have heard it from too many people for it to not be deliberate and systematic censorship of opinion that doesn’t fit their agenda.


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