Facebook shuts down Jihad Watch page

Jihad Watch-

More censorship of dissenters from the Leftist line: Facebook unpublishes Jihad Watch page.

The Facebook fascists, of course, do their best to conceal what they’re about. This time they have shut down the Jihad Watch page on a technicality that is in reality a catch-22.

Facebook has been giving me notices on the Jihad Watch page saying that the page is unpublished, and will remain unpublished until I confirm what country I’m in. They want to guard against all those Russian bots, doncha know.

Confirming what country I’m in involves entering in a code they send to my phone, and the code never arrives. The Facebook page after they say they sent the code to me tells me to update the Facebook app. It doesn’t say anything more specific, but I’ve repeatedly downloaded the latest Facebook app, so it should be fully updated.  read more

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  1. I just read on Drudge that a MIT guy {who came up with the original internet} is forming a new truly free web that can’t be controlled by corporations. Please hurry up, we’re waiting!

  2. ORGAN
    The internet was “Invented” by 4 schools in the West for Ike by DARPA.Schools: Uc, UCla, SJ state and on in Utah I think Utah State.

    For top DuckDuck and look uo he history of TCP/IP

    Physice students at the 2 UC campo and SJ State were using “the net” before Nixon was President.


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