Facebook ‘Whistleblower’ Donated 36 Times to Democrats, Including to Anti-Primary Extremists And AOC

National Pulse: Facebook “whistleblower” Frances Haugen is a longtime Democrat donor, supporting campaigns for far-left extremists such as Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. She has also donated money to activist groups actively attempting to derail the U.S. primary process that allows ordinary members of the public to beat out establishment, career politicians, The National Pulse can reveal.

Blowing the Establishment.

Haugen’s “whistleblowing” has been lauded by the corporate media: a sure sign that rather than being a sole actor attempting to call out corporate abuse, she is likely backed by some hefty interests. Haugen first anonymously leaked internal documents before revealing her identity and calling for mass censorship on the Facebook, but only of political ideas she opposes.

The National Pulse has thus far identified 36 donations from Haugen during her time as an employee of Facebook, Pinterest, and Gigster. All of the donations, which total nearly $2,000 since December 2016, have gone to Democrats including Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. more here

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  1. Well I’ve been following this to the best of my limited ability. And it looks to me like this entire bull shit had some very rapid unintentional consequences. Pass the popcorn.

  2. Part of a plan to censor more right-wing extremists, because they be everywhere don’t you know.
    Hope it blows up big time on them.

  3. If you didn’t catch her 60 minutes interview, here’s a summary: She wants speech silenced more than it is on social media by tagging more of it as misinformation, anything Facebook does will never be enough to reduce all the misinformation that forms “horrible protests like January 6th insurrection.” She’s not a friend in this at all and this is a push to give Facebook more control over you.

  4. I watched 2 min and realized quite quickly that when she started speaking about allowing violent language, that she meant conservatives. She was actually calling for further censorship and the interviewer looked happier than a Biden in a little girls classroom.

    You pick the Biden.
    It does not matter,
    all 3 hang out with young ones at every opportunity.
    (JoeDephile, Humper, & Dr. J)


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