Facebook’s List of “Hate Agents”

Breitbart has uncovered a list of accounts that Facebook monitors closely for any to  opportunity to suspend or (better yet) ban. They’ve verified that the accounts of both Candace Owen and Brigitte Gabriel and believe that the dangerous five who were recently banned were all on the list. More

10 Comments on Facebook’s List of “Hate Agents”

  1. My daughter insisted and signed me up for FB years ago.
    I saw their rules that they owned all your stuff posted.
    I check out the occasional family posts with pics and
    never post or respond using the site.
    FB is just a nasty hooker attached to a vacuum cleaner.
    No thanks.

  2. China has a Social Media Score. So does the the U.S. Government: Google, Facebook and Twitter colluding with the Democrats / Radicals / Fascists.

    Your internet history is on file, all that remains is targeting Conservatives and others who disagree with the State.

    Just ask Alexa or Siri!

  3. I’ve never used any of them mostly because I despise they’re snooping but also because I have more productive ways to waste my time.

  4. I used to work in the computer industry and carried a pager, cellphone and a blackberry. 30 plus years was enough of being a digital slave 24/7. Not me, I want every minute left in my life to myself, thank you.

  5. At this point the only way to stop FB, Twitter, Amazon, AlphaBet.in (Google et al) is to hack them open. A bunch of brilliant programmers who have more of a loyalty to freedom and privacy (and possessing a fair bit of courage) then to any one country should start the process to halt FB randomly (likely the only way to do it with the number of hotsites they probably have) and often enough that the advertisers lose faith in FB’s ability to deliver the correct audience. Then WallStreet will start to sell and that will be the end of FB. Wouldn’t the broadsheets just luv to see advertising coming back to them (although most of them are as bad as FB and their ilk). I think that’s the only fear these guys have, well maybe a President AND a majority actual conservative party with balls and a love of the Constitution and laws will give them the shivers as well.

  6. I have never even been to facebook. not even by accident. all their servers.

    it makes the web so much faster not having every site on the planet link back to facebooks tracking you.

  7. I ‘gots’ no more patience with anybody still using FB
    Less patience with the programmers of the world.
    Why ain’t there a version dedicated to how great President Trump is?
    Prolly buy my data from me.
    There’s your universal income right there.

  8. I figured out FACEBOOK hated America 13 years ago. Canceled and deleted. Never looked back.

    clear I got it right!

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