FACT CHECK: Trump Asked a Reporter If She Was Working For China… She Is.

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President Trump asked a reporter at his April 6th press event if she was working for the government of China, following a hostile question. 

She replied that her company – Phoenix Media – is “privately” owned.

She’s lying.


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  1. I watched that news conference.
    When this reporter asked her question Trump IMMEDIATELY homed in on her working for the CCP.
    I mean Trump was a total boss out there.
    When Jonathan Karl asked about the critical IG report On hospital supplies, Trump asked who appointed her? It eventually came out that she’s an Obamabot, and that the criticism was based on very stale three weeks old status, but she just released it yesterday.
    Trump takes and answers all questions.

  2. The President should bring up that a Chinese guy was stopped at the airport in 2017 for bringing in vials of viruses for “research.”

  3. Stephanie Grisham, who famously invited the oan reporter to the press briefings after the white house correspondents association kicked her out just the other day, has been relieved of her position. Leftists reveling in the news.

    This is just the kind of backstabbing bullshit that really pisses me off.
    How many times are we going to be stabbed in the back and take it.

    Wake the f up, trump. I voted for the policies you espoused in your campaign. I’m not the sycophant you apparently think i am who will support you no matter what you do.

  4. Hey Xi! Your ‘Chinese brand’ has been irretrievably damaged. Plus, the world now associates “Made In China” with your Chinese Communist Party (CCP) that wages biological warfare on the world. You and your CCP are fucked!

  5. I expect chinese propagandists to saturate the comment sections on all the media and the news programs. They’re going to go all out to counter any negative reporting concerning their great(?) leader and country. Majority of our media will probably help carry their water.

  6. Shes a chinese govt operative and she is in the wh pressroom? Wth? How does that happen? Are the fbi and secret service working these days? You, us citizen, try to walk into a briefing there see how far you get. Good grief

  7. Is this the same news bitch that has been interrupting and hassling President Trump at these daily briefings? If so, she should have been kicked out long ago, if not for being a CCP agent, then for being a rude cunt.

  8. President Trump knew who she was before he called on her and used that knowledge to his advantage. He’s well aware of media tactics.

  9. @0:20 in the attached clip just the look in her face of being BUSTED.


    Like she just swallowed the canary.

    ‘WHO’ let this Communist in the room…Jonathan??

    Between this and Jonathan Karl and Fauci virtual air fist bumping at the end of that news conference.

    Did anyone else see that example of The Swamp giving it’s affirmation of self??

    Absolutely disgusting shits.

  10. xxx Stephanie Grisham has moved back and is working for Flotus.

    And yes ghost Jonathan Karl let her in.

  11. You would never have seen any of the last four beanbags call out a reporter like that. Winning!

  12. xxx, Excuse me but, you are the one who needs to wake up. The President puts his enemies front and center so he can expose them. He knows exactly what he’s doing. Once exposed it’s just a matter of time before they are gone. This is a clever and swift way to get rid of an enemy right in front of the American People. He has always believed that you do not interfere with an enemy when he is destroying himself. The Left is so stupid they continue to walk into his trap. President Tump knows all his enemies and their weakness. Instead of getting pissed off you would be wise to study his strategy.

  13. POTUS Trump knew she was lying about Phoenix being a private company. He also called her out for making a long statement rather than ask a question.

  14. PDJT should bring her up again, and call her out for her lying, and associate her with the rest of the media.

  15. President Trump (MILST) is showing the truth of the old adage “give them enough rope and they’ll hang themselves”.
    The left is showing the truth of the old adage “they can’t help but stomp on their own dicks”.


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