Faction of Blacks Think They Can Burn Country Down and It Will Be Rebuilt Without Racism – lolololol

The stupidity burns – literally.

And then you have these pathetic morons –

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  1. Sure, let’s keep doing what we’ve been doing. It’s working great.

    Wake the fuck up.

  2. Nobody needs a gun, you just tell them peace and love.
    They came to break things and steal stuff, for Floyd.

  3. There is also the lie going around that looted and destroyed buildings are covered by insurance.
    Read the exclusions. Civil disobedience, riots, and such are listed right there is big bold letters.
    It’s even an exclusion under home and auto policies. Take a look at your own.
    It ain’t gonna happen. Insurance companies are not on the hook for this.
    So, rebuild? With what?

  4. If I hear anyone say the riots are justified because of George Floyd I will respond with “What about David Dorn? – FU”
    This video is extremely disturbing because it shows him dying, but you must watch it because you need to feel the rage I did when I saw it. This poor man had retired after a long law enforcement career but still voluntarily tried to stop the looting. Look what it cost him.
    I have just about had enough!

  5. @Brad
    In real life do those “petals” break off and bounce around inside a body cavity? If so, I want some.

  6. Jethro

    I imagine some do. But that was not the design intent. Expansion was their goal. An HST 9mil expand to about .600 in diameter. That’s going from .360 diameter to approximately .580. And penetrate gel 18″. That’s why when you here these cowboys slam a 9 mil the have no idea what they yappen about. Especially when you consider shot placement.

  7. Jethro, none of us will stop the stupidity. The culture rages on. Been too many decades. Lots of good black folk dying from bullets fired by bad black folk. Same old shit, different day.

    RIP to that good man who tried to make a difference.

    Sad, sad, sad.

    Arm up and train.

  8. Why not think that it will be rebuilt? This is the third generation of rioters – 68, 92, and now – not counting ferguson

  9. …and It Will Be Rebuilt…

    And right there is evidence of the issue the tear-it-down barbarians will not face. Maybe they cannot even conceive of the hard fact that building anything is a conscious, deliberate action, and that it takes human beings willing to invest their time, effort, and wealth to carry out any such project.

    Do the destroyers even wonder just WHO are those builders going to be, and what will be their incentive to build things, not for themselves, but for those who destroyed the originals?

  10. @Brad
    I have segmented .22LR ammo for varmint hunting. You should see what they do inside a ground hog. Yes, they expand at initial penetration for stopping power, but once inside they are devastating.

  11. @uncle al
    “Do the destroyers even wonder just WHO are those builders going to be…”
    Of course not, because everything has been handed to them and they never had to experience “building” anything.

  12. If you convince middle and upper-class white kids to loot and burn people innocent people alive in their own country and then vote themselves into communism, you can convince enough black people of anything.

    Suckers come in all colors.

  13. Re: The video at pic.twitter.com/9fHBDX8FP9

    “An appeaser is one who feeds a crocodile, hoping it will eat him last.”
    ~ Winston S. Churchill

    How’d that work out for you soyboys?

    I’m sorry, which side did you say you were on?

  14. More “Food Deserts “ on the way . I sure hope you have to ride the bus 50 miles to the Kroger .

  15. When it cost them nothing they have no problem burning it down- see reservations for more insight.
    If all kids were made to clean their schools and parents were made to pay for maintenance it would cost them something and it would have value to them..
    Apparently they think we owe them. Pro tip, it is impossible to give somebody something when they have no vested interest in what you give them. It will be pissed away.


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