Fairfax Given Until Monday To Resign Or Face Impeachment

Now that a second credible accuser has stepped forward with allegations that Justin Fairfax (D-VA) raped her, members of his own party will start impeachment proceedings Monday if he refuses to resign the lieutenant governors office this weekend.  More

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  1. members of his own party will start impeachment proceedings Monday if he refuses to resign the lieutenant governors office this weekend

    “Members of his own party will impeach him if he refuses to resign before his white supremacist superior, allowing the Democrats to select his replacement, and overthrow another election.”


  2. I hope the president makes a point of visiting Virginia often in the next few years to remind everyone of the excellent employment numbers and sentencing reform and what great work Ben Carson is doing at HUD…

    If Fairfax is forced out but the other two stay, identify politics will be dead in VA for many elections to come.

  3. Hang tough, Justin. Make them impeach you. This is all about sex, right? Oh yeah…If it were me, I’d also be getting some dirt on the ones who’ll be impeaching you.

  4. All this is working quite nicely to take attention off the Governor about his evil stance on abortion and his appearing in blackface, tearfully confessing then denying the charge. The citizens must start now to collect the signatures needed (1/10 the number of voters in last election) to start the impeachment process. I would think that would be doable but the process must start now. If the rest of the complicated process completes then it’s a new election. As it stands if these two assholes are removed and the AG of Virginia has his own blackface scandal to contend with then the fourth in line is a Republican. Wouldn’t that just cause strokes among the progs.

  5. I’m seeing a growing trend of guilt by accusation instead of guilt by proof, prosecution or trial.

    No matter if the accused is on my side or not, I don’t like to see accusation equaling guilt for anyone without a chance to face an accuser and have the allegations supported and proven.

  6. It’s not about guilt or innocent until PROVEN otherwise. It’s the seriousness of the charge that matters, right? Rub your hands in glee because it is happening to the “other side”, this time. What ya gonna do when they come for you? Often overlooked: there really isn’t an “other side” in Democrat/Republican politics, it’s two wings on the same bird, a bird that keeps flying in the same direction at different speeds (for “change”). The real dichotomy is taxpayers vs. non-taxpayers. This Dem/Rep battle is Kabuki theater to keep you distracted. Is it working?

  7. Virginia Legislative Black Caucus? That sounds racist to me.

    It is rather satisfying to see them stew in their own hypocrisy of ,”Believe all women”. If I was Fairfax I would not resign either, “As an American citizen I demand adherence to my constitutional rights of due process”.

  8. It’s not “rape” if a Demonrat does it – ask Bill Clinton.
    Ask HRC. Ask the Arkansas State Police. Ask the SS.

    Dude’s got nothing to fear – he should scream “Bring it on!”

    izlamo delenda est …

  9. Speaking of Slick Willie, did Fairfax leave any woman bloodied or bruised, as Bill did? Or use the state police to facilitate a hookup?


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