Fairly Young Man Suffers Heart Attack On Air – IOTW Report

Fairly Young Man Suffers Heart Attack On Air

Is this normal, and we’re just looking for this stuff? Or is there something going on in the world, something a bit out of the ordinary, due to the jab?

ht/ woody

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  1. I heard today that many women are reporting erratic periods. Damn Fauci!

  2. Heart attack? Did he live?

    Seemed more like his ex boyfriend walked in the studio with someone hotter and younger.

  3. This s#it is happening everywhere! Sports are the worst……

  4. 5 more on the way to the hospital????

    … it’s time to start saying “Get the Jab, Dirt Nap on the Slab”

  5. Bryllcreem jingle….

    ” Want the slab, a little jab will do ya “

  6. No. This isn’t normal. Young men and athletes are dropping dead all over the world. These things do happen sometimes. However, it’s suddenly happening at 60 times the normal rate.

    Look at openvaers.com …. The CDCs Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System is under reported by a huge factor. Depending on the source, the under reporting factor is anywhere from 6.5 to 100. The best number appears to be 41. Multiply every number you see there by 41 to get a more accurate reflection of reality.

  7. Pink tie and a moderately spread collar? Prolly deserves to die.

  8. Well, I don’t know if he deserved to die. I mean it’s possible he wasn’t a Unitarian or lefty flying douche pickle..

    I’m just sayin’ he had a huge audience and that was the best he could do for a heart attack? No “LIZBETH!!! THIS IS THE BIG ONE!!!” No clutching at his left arm….just…:faints:…

    But yeah, what kind of fag picks a pink tie for a heart attack?

  9. I had a transient ischemic attack two months after the jab. Five months later a very rare melanoma tumor in the center my spinal cord. Too much to be a coincidence.

  10. I don’t even show up and people are dropping like flies.

  11. Grim Reaper sour because he has all kinds of paperwork to catch up on…

    Do the newly departed fall out of your cloak when you hang it up after a long day? Like, you have to shake it out to get all the newbies and stragglers out of it?

    Covid dead people bugging you during your smoke break…

    But you do get to do cool stuff while flyin’ around the world. Like this pink tie guy. I bet you stood on the brakes, flipped a u-ey and pointed your bony finger at “THAT DUDE RIGHT THERE IN THE PINK TIE!!!!” :blows imaginary smoke from finger gun barrel:

    That’s gotta’ be fun.

  12. @ Smarter than a Circus Dog, I pray you are recovering fully and no other ‘coincidences’ occur.

  13. wow…

    Never seen Santa and the Grim Reaper in the same room together.

    Both have lists…both fly around the worl’… Santa does have a lot of free time after December 25th..both have free access to your house where they judge you… Grim Reaper is a skeleton…Santa has a skeleton under his fat suit..

    I may bring this topic up when I address my kids 3rd grade class this week.

  14. Damn!
    Y’all hard on the brother …

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …

  15. Dude’s wearin’ a pink tie on whatever passes for Portuguese national television.

    He’s so totally askin’ for the Grim Reaper to show up on his tricycle.

  16. Dingo
    JANUARY 10, 2022 AT 11:07 PM
    “Bryllcreem jingle….

    ” Want the slab, a little jab will do ya “”

    …(Driving, sees series of signs along the road)






  17. You can see when the heart shut down at 0:25 as he turned to face the camera. Very subtle pause. Seconds later the brain was starved of oxygen.

  18. Smarter than a Circus Dog
    JANUARY 10, 2022 AT 11:53 PM
    “I had a transient ischemic attack two months after the jab. Five months later a very rare melanoma tumor in the center my spinal cord. Too much to be a coincidence.”

    God bless you and protect you from further damage, and may he heal your tumor to His glory to reverse the damage man’s hubris has caused. Touch this person and strengthen them, O Lord, that they may give us a praise report of Your healing, in the merciful name of Jesus, Amen.

    My wife is facing her own cancer issues so I can emphasize. We saw the surgeon yesterday, MRI next week. Praying for healing for her, she’s had a pretty tough year.

    If you’re going to have a stroke, tho, TIA is better than one that’s NOT so ‘T’. I had TIA patients I watched come back from drooling, slack, and disoriented to fully actitve, aware, and frightened as I watched, it’s an amazing thing but bad because you never know when it’s going to happen again, or if the next time will not go away. Probably best to stay away from boosters, there are also a number of Jab cleansing protocols out there but I have not tested them and understand them to be very specific to the individual, so I will not get into detail other than suggesting you research them a bit on DuckDuckGo and not Google because of the censorship.

    As for the young man in this article, I weighed in on the ephemerality of life and the sudden suprise death can be at any age on a previous thread, so I won’t repeat. It’s here if you have a masochistic streak.


    I also pointed out how they make sure there’s juuuust enough ambiguity in these dx’s that you can’t be SURE it wasn’t one of the devil’s little jokes instead of one of Fauci’s. Either way though, I’ve carried the casket of more than one young man to the grave with my 50+ year old legs, enough to know that youth is no guarantee of long life. Most young death is from a sudden attack of the stupid, but that doesn’t mean you don’t see young people get heart attacks and strokes and such from genetic issues and other, more controllable factors. Athletes in particular are prone to getting enlarged hearts from constantly pushing it harder and harder, and steroids certainly don’t help.

    But Democrats, by design, have wrecked the entire institution of medicine, federalized it with Obamacare, Medicare, and Medicaid, and now moved on to addressing allegations of past racism by actually using real racist criteria to ration care to White people for no other reason than they are not POC, even as they are going back to cancelling surgeries and increasing testing people for diseases that they have no symptoms for, for no other reason than to keep the fear going and the money flowing.

    So we can’t trust doctors any more.

    Who CAN we trust in all this?

    None but Jesus…

    Whether you die in bed at a ripe old age because your hell raising wore out your body, or because Bill Gates had Joe Biden order your murder, you WILL die sooner or later.

    And the Grim Reaper doesn’t always send you a text before he comes to collect.

    Hug your family, protect your children, be fearless in visiting those you love, and turn to Jesus for your ultimate salvation and your future hope of an eternity with Him in a body that Time cannot eat and that is incorruptible by Man.

    At the end of the day, that’s all we’ve got.

    Stay out of nursing homes and hospitals as long as you can, and keep your loved ones out as long as you can. Nursing homes rarely rose above the level of storage warehouses for dead meat even before all this, and now are little better than charnal houses these days, often by government mandate to be so.

    Men have failed. Always have, always will. No man can be trusted with power, or trusted to put your interests above his own.

    Trust only the Lord. He gave His life for you, and wants you back with Him, you and all yours.

    And no government of men can defeat him no matter how much they try.

    God bless,

  19. at this point in time, it is the knew normal

  20. Been seeing lots of 18-66-year-olds in obits lately who have died ‘unexpectedly’. Uh huh…

  21. SNS, my main takeaway from your post is that the Grim Reaper DOES occasionally send a text before coming to collect.

    Very sporting of the old fellow to give his intended victims a head start.

  22. Burr, weighing the odds
    JANUARY 11, 2022 AT 11:13 AM
    “SNS, my main takeaway from your post is that the Grim Reaper DOES occasionally send a text before coming to collect.

    Very sporting of the old fellow to give his intended victims a head start.”

    …yes, sometimes you DO get advanced warning, sometimes you DO see it coming, sometimes I can look at you abd be pretty sure I’ll never see you alive again.

    Death does telegraph, on occasion.

    But it’s in no way sporting. He’s pretty well aware it will end like this, and no amount of serpentining will change it…


    Nice to see you back, AB. No one thinks about Santa Clause quite the way you do…

  23. :cell phone buzzes:
    :Me,checks phone,sighs, rolls eyes:
    :sticks head out of upstairs loft:
    “Hey Hon?”
    :wife walks out of kitchen drying hands on towel:
    “What is it?”
    :Me, sticking phone out of of loft window and wiggling it:
    Wife: “Again?”
    Me: “This time it’s a gif of the Grim Reaper riding a tricycle. ”
    Wife: “And?”
    Me: “its farting rainbows”
    Wife: “sighs. What do you want me to tell him this time?”
    Me:” tell him I’ll meet him at Spanish Forks Utah.”
    Wife: “and will you actually be there?”
    Me: “of course not.

    8 hours later cell phone buzzes.

    Text from Grim Reaper: …”Dude.”

    Me: “I ain’t wearin’ the damn pink tie.”
    G.R. ” Tie or not, I’ll track you down”
    Me: “pfft. get in line, buddy”
    Me: :sends Grim Reaper parting gif:


  24. Disturbing. On several levels.But the list deal is accurate.

    Which brings me to 1883 and the last time the I conned the Grim Reaper into taking his job for one day in exchange for (finally) my immortal soul.

    So I’m sittin’ there in the office with my feet on the desk…cuz I was taking both breaks and lunch all together. So it’s like 11:30 and I’ve got a nice pre lunch buzz goin’ when in walks ol’ bone ass.

    “How’s it goin'” sez he.
    “Fine and dandy” sez I.
    “I even got ahead of the daily totals so I figured I’d give my barking dogs a rest.”

    “Ahead of the totals?” sez he, all inquiring like.
    “Sure” sez I, “take a look at the big board”

    So the Grim Reaper is looking at the worl’ map with all these lil’ red lights on it when suddenly….”


    “It’s right here on the list, Krakatoa, annihilate Post Haste”
    “Let me see that” sez he, all hornswoggled and fog heaved for some obscure reason.

    “I myself questioned the wisdom of lopping the top of a volcano sittin’ in the middle of the ocean.” sez I all erudite like.

    “YOU SON OF A B!^#%! YOU JUST REAPED….:counts on bony fingers: 36 THOUSAND UNSCHEDULED ARRIVALS!!!”

    “Right” sez I. “I tol’ you I got ahead on the totals.”

    Well, was he pissed. He told me to get out and that he never wanted to see me again. Which was fine by me as I really didn’t feel like explaining the Victoria Hall disaster. I swear all I said was that there was a super cool magic show upstairs.


    And that’s why he’s so half hearted in his attempt to get me to ride on his tricycle.

  25. I swear my two readers get the best free internet entertainment on the planet.


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