Fake Black Guy Masquerading as NY Daily News Columnist Busted for Plagiarism

JWF: When you’re a no-talent hack who pretends he’s black, why follow any journalistic ethics? He’s gotten this far with his scam, so why not?

shaun king

shaun king plagiarize 1

Exact copy. Damn fine cut-and-paste job, Whitey! And here’s his excuse, if you can call it that:  more

14 Comments on Fake Black Guy Masquerading as NY Daily News Columnist Busted for Plagiarism

  1. No expectations.

    You expect nothing of substance, so you demand nothing.

    Part and parcel of our “relativistic morality” universe.

    Shawn King is a grifter.
    People who read Shawn King are imbeciles.
    Who cares?
    As long as they put their money down.
    (consumers or advertisers – no matter)

    Welcome to the New, Improved, Socialistic, Relativistic, Izlamified, Bizarro World of Monumental Pretense and Fantasy!

    izlamo delenda est …

  2. Fake is the new normal: fake blacks, fake men, fake women, fake boobs, fake money, fake politicians, fake news stories, fake crisis, fake migrants, etc-and the beat goes on!

  3. Well, he does fit within the scope of the entitlement mentality of taking from others without paying for it or even acknowledging that it does not belong to you. He fits right in with the black lives matter movement. I don’t want him to acknowledge that he is white, it embarrasses me.

  4. Well, we’ve had a fake black pretending to be a competent president these past 7+ years, so I guess that sets a precedent.

  5. @BFH the comment by Shaunqueefus and 3 thumbs up means I am out of here. Trash sites give conservatives a bad name and this has turned into one of late. I’ve tried to ignore some other blatent racist post, but its no longer enjoyble.

    I enjoyed it for a long time before finally posting, best of luck to you.

  6. aggie……what?…..

    are you saying this is a RACIST blog?

    maybe you need to take off the “see no evil” glasses, and face reality……believe it or not, there are a lot of “persons of color” who don’t like other people because of the color of their skin….

    of course, i’m not saying they’re “racist,” since we all KNOW only WHITE PEOPLE can be RACIST……but yeah, i AM saying they don’t like people who have lighter-colored skin…….

    and that’s PERFECTLY ALRIGHT……no, really, i MEAN it……

    it’s perfectly alright with me if someone wants to dislike me because of the color of my skin……..they might not HIRE me, because of the color of my skin…………or they might not BUY from me because of the color of my skin……….and guess what????…i’m perfectly alright with that…..just as long as i’m allowed to treat them the same way……as long as i don’t have to SELL to them, or HIRE them, because of the color of their skin…..

    same goes with the lgbtq community….you don’t like my beliefs?….don’t do business with me…..BUT don’t REQUIRE me to do business with YOU……

    it’s called “FREEDOM OF ASSOCIATION,” and, amazingly, it is actually guaranteed by the Constitution, by way of the Bill of Rights…..

    i don’t have to associate with you if i don’t want to, and you don’t have to associate with me if you don’t want to……

    another way of saying this “MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS”…….

    but apparently, minding your own business is actually illegal, in the USA 2016…….

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