Fake Black Guy Promotes Fake Black Story

Shaun King, a fake black guy, went on Twitter to rebleat a fake story being pushed by the occupant of a car that involved a police shooting of another occupant.

Just like in the Mike Brown story, where liars try to get out ahead of the truth with their ridiculous version of events (see “Hands Up Don’t Shoot”), a liar told the tale of how cops pulled over their car, harassed them, and then ganged up on one of his friends and just shot him, for no reason.

Shaun King-

I believe Shaun when he says this is a beloved son and student.

Student of what, though, that is the key?  How to carry a gun and shoot at police officers, is that what this student is learning?

And I have no doubt that this is “beloved” in Charles Smith Jr.’s circle. That’s the problem.

Here’s what really happened (graphic)-

22 Comments on Fake Black Guy Promotes Fake Black Story

  1. Yep, the fake black guy, reporting a fake story.
    Yep, the Police were out on line trying to protect themselves from this student and beloved murdering son of a —–.

  2. The “good” one was on some type of bail because of armed robbery and pistol whipping his victims.


    ⚫ Don’t say ANYTHING. –you have the right.
    ⚫ Don’t answer questions.–they are probing you for a lie.
    ⚫ “You seem nervous.” –of course they are nervous, cops kill people.
    ⚫ Don’t allow them to search your car. –They’ve been known to plant evidence, and you don’t know who brought / dropped something illegal in your car. –they had a little bit of weed and a gun. That’s why you refuse a search.
    ⚫ Take the SPEEDING TICKET and keep your mouth shut!

    🔴 This is how a traffic stop leads to murder. The occupants should have never answered any questions, gotten out of the car, or cooperated in any way. Just take the ticket, and move along. You get a LAWYER to answer where you’ve been, what you were doing at a party, or where you are headed. It’s none of their business, and you don’t have to answer.

  4. “He was just about to turn his life around”… by savagely shooting some police officers.
    Thank God this thug is dead. Who knows how many members of his “community” have been spared now that he’s assumed room temperature.

  5. Police work would be so much fun if it weren’t for having to constantly interact with lowlife criminals who lie about not having an illegal gun taped to their ankle.
    This is the benefit of dash cams. A body cam would have been even better.

    That cop does a great Elvis voice.

  6. He was pulled over because of His Tires…

    It was Classic Radial Profiling…. 😉

    (I’ll be in the back cleaning the IOTWR Toilets if anyone

    needs Me)

  7. Any of those cops are lucky they did not get shot,after he racked a round they all let go and backed off and if he had started pulling the trigger it might have been different .
    The big over weight cop looked like he was worthless, AA can punch harder than that.

  8. What about Shawn whitey King saying 32 people have been kill by cops. That is 3 a day. Not sure he is telling the truth on that.


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