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  1. I am going to meet my Congressman about the out-of-control fake hate crimes problems.

    We need “Fake Hate Crimes” legislation, where perps (even lying on social media, where the police are not necessarily involved) can be charged with a crime — and the punishment is more than a fine for filing a false police report or confinement to your dorm for posting death threats on your own dorm door.

    These crimes are cutting at the fabric of American society and progs lap ’em up like ice cream cones, believe them….. Even now, with the Chicago police having carefully built a brick-by-brick case against Jusse Smollett, going back to mailed death threats (and white powder) he received, his lawyers and many of the public insist the police are lying.

    This has to stop. Progs need to be stopped. They are too stupid to sort truth from fantasy. …..Lady in Red

  2. How many of these wanna be victims of racism ever rode in the back of the bus, how many couldn’t eat at the lunch counter, how many couldn’t vote, how many had to drink out of the “colored” water fountains and pee in the “colored” bathrooms? Damn few that’s how many.
    If Dr. King came back from the dead he would be ashamed how his movement has been hijacked by Democrats.

  3. Sadly, Aleon, the answer’s no. It’s either ignored like the lies Nathan Phillips told about slurs from the Covington kids, or it’s a fine, filing a false police report or….

    …..like the slurs written on the backs of restaurant checks about refusing to tip “niggers” or somesuch, it gets lots of media attention and, then, when exposed just fades into the horizon.

    But, the damage is done and it corroding America. It’s a cheap, easy thing to (try to) pull off and the damage is enormous.

    I don’t care which side of the political aisle it comes from, we have to stop it. I’ll support free speech to the limit, but not factual lies, hoaxes.

    ….Lady in Red

  4. LIR — Don Surber has a new book out: “Fake News Follies of 2017” https://www.amazon.com/Fake-News-Follies-2017-Surber-ebook/dp/B079G5R1BB/ref=pd_sim_351_2?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1&refRID=A78FR928Q900RS5SDJ7F#reader_B079G5R1BB

    In it he chronicles not only some of the hate hoaxes that made national headlines, but also the real hate crimes that were committed by leftists against Trump supporters. That is the one thing the media definitely does not cover. It might be useful in your discussions.

  5. Thanks, Abigail. I didn’t know. (I do know of Colin Flathery: “White Girls Bleed a Lot”) I’m willing to do research, collect background.

    We should all jump on this, however: send an email to Congress, make a phone call — even to the damn Dems. This should not be a right wing thingie, but something that is horribly dividing America, with confusion and hatred on both the left and right.

    Basically, the punishment for racist, sexist lies should be considerable, enough to consider whether your willing “to do the time for the crime.”

    This should apply to the #MeToo movement, as well. …..Lady in Red

  6. It is now “alleged” the the assault on Jussie Somollett was a hoax.
    The word “alleged” hasn’t been used in describing Jussie’s claims for a week. But it’s back. T-Bone Cory Booker and Calico Kamala Harris called Jussie’s claim of being assaulted by white, racist Trumpers, ” a modern day lynching.” Gropin’ Joe Biden said “what happened today to Jussie Smollett must never be tolerated in this country.” All this, with no proof, no investigation of what actually happened. But the fact that it IS A HOAX, is now “alleged.” These three caitiffs want to be POTUS?
    These three assholes owe the American people an apology and the media that pushed this bullshit just took another step down They will never redeem themselves in my lifetime. Their hatred of President Trump is a sickness. They are blinded with rage.
    Smollett should go to jail and enjoy some prison sex for a year or two. Certainly FOX should write him out of “Empire,” whatever it is.

  7. LIR – Absolutely right! If punching a Black and yelling the N word can get you a few more years than a normal assault charge, then creating fake hate crimes should get you the same years extension.


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