Fake News Coming Out Of Pittsburgh

The typical suspects on the left have been running with a story today variously titled “Group of Jewish leaders tells Trump he’s not welcome in Pittsburgh.”  Turns out the group, “Bend the Arc,” is a Soros’ funded radical left organization. More

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  1. This is all a frantic “hail Mary” pass to attempt to affect the midterms.

    Ain’t gonna work and, damn, I would be so tickled if the bastards only took half the black vote this time.

    Be still my heart. ….smile… …..Lady in Red

  2. Mind boggling after 2016 these mindless children that have been continually elected, depended upon the trash media that they are only listen to have deluded themselves to this level. Hate the terms ‘Woke’ and ‘Triggered’, yet those really apply here! Looking forward to the cable news networks ‘tears’ again on November 6th! They will never give up, and I’ll still will not be watching. Shame that someone else s life was taken,,,

  3. The word leader has been misused for a long time now. Whose the leader of a group of leaders? Doesn’t leading from behind make you a follower? Doesn’t having a bunch of useful idiots, who you’ve told what to think, following you around for a free cell phone make you more like Santa Claus?

    We already have a Congress filled with Santa Claus leaders and now we get Jewish Santa Claus leaders from Pittsburg. The world gets more bizarre every day.

  4. They got evening time on CBS NEWS with with Mr. Dour.

    They were presented as a legitimate local Pittsburgh group with the right to speak for the community.

    Is there anything out there that isn’t faux-lined with demoncrats?

  5. Someone on twitter pointed out this group was Soros funded. A typical leftist responded with “there you go smearing Soros again.” Then said “prove it.” I sent them a link to a Politico article. Silence.

  6. riverlife_callie , good for you! Truly mean it. Until the murderous scumbag thief mentally ill globalist scumbag no longer breathes, like his foils lowers, the Clintons, Bushes and Obama’s do .

  7. The only groups promoting white nationalism are leftist. They promote white nationalism is a back-handed way – they separate Americans into psuedo-homogenous groups and then claim that white nationalists are responsible for discrimination against them. If you are black, brown, native American, Latino, have poor eyesight, are left-handed, suffer from the heartbreak of psoriasis, or walk with a limp, you are a victim and healthy white males are responsible for all of your woes.

    Trump celebrates the United States and America. This is what most of us expect the President to do – celebrate and promote the national well being of the United States and its citizens. These leftist hate groups should get the hell out of this country and relocate to some shit hole that is more compatible with their political philosophy.

  8. Right-o, Wyatt! Where the hell are these cabals of “white nationalists” the media go on and on about…? ….smile…. They don’t exist except in their fears, searching for an excuse for the wonderful loss they are going to experience next week.

    Come on, BLexit! ….and #WalkAway! ….Lady in Red

  9. Ah yes, an NPCer, just puking out her message. So disrespectful to do so during the ‘Moment of Silence’,
    but, they don’t really care about people.

    OT— riverlife_callie… I love it! Just another NPCer that was trying to repeat something they just saw, and you hit him with facts and a link. 🙂

  10. Ok … somehow my response was for the crazy person screaming at Marsha Blackburn…. not this topic. I don’t know how it ended up here? sorry.


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