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At best, this is mere sloppiness. At worst, it’s an active attempt to mislead viewers into thinking one of the founders would’ve supported Democrats’ call to do away with the Electoral College.

The record of what Madison actually said is far different from what the tweet would have us believe. The short version is that Madison was referring to the eventual certification by the House and that he used the word “evil” to mean “harm.” To be even more specific, Madison was talking about “elections thrown to the House which awards 2 votes to states of every size. (This is the contingency for when a vote ISN’T decided by the EC),” as the Daily Signal’s Jarrett Stepman explains.

Here’s the longer Madison quote, which comes from a letter dated Aug. 23, 1832 [emphasis added]:

It might indeed happen that the event would turn on one or two States having one or two Reps. only; but even in that case, the Representations of most of the States being numerous, the House would present greater obstacles to corruption, than the Senate with its paucity of Members. It may be observed also, that altho’ for a certain period the evil of State votes given by one or two individuals would be extended by the introduction of new States, it would be rapidly diminished by growing populations within extensive territories. At the present period, the evil is at its maximum.

Humorously enough, the same letter sees Madison endorsing an amendment by which the Electoral College would be preserved but relegated to districts rather than entire states. As libertarian author David Harsanyi notes, “Of all the founders, in fact, Madison, who wanted to create more voters in the Electoral College, made the most impassioned arguments against direct democracy in Federalist #10.”



  1. This is just a clever way of deceiving, of lying.

    Nothing good comes from lies, be prepared for what does.

  2. I wish these NPC’s could be sent back to the past to get a first hand look at what they missed in American and World History classes they slept through or were too HIGH to concentrate in, so that they could enjoy getting fucked in the ass by the king of england, King George III. I’m sure they’d enjoy it.
    King George III is most well known for being the King of England during the American Revolutionary War. Throughout his life he suffered from temporary lapses in judgment and episodes of insanity. He had a very loving and devoted wife who would stand by his side through it all. However, the constant warring began to grate on him, and finally, after losing the American Colonies and the respect of not only the foreign nations but also his own, even his wonderful wife was not enough to keep him from going insane before his death.
    what a Maroon.
    that’s all these shit stains know how to do is war and kill and steal.

  3. What few know is that if it wasn’t for the Electoral College Abraham Lincoln would have never been elected. He had less than 40% of the popular vote.

  4. That’s too many words for CNN to comprehend.

    Remember – journalism is the major of choice, for those who think that teaching English to 3rd graders is, “TOO hard!” 🙄


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