Fake News Strikes Again – Sarah Sanders Leaving Her Job? NOPE!

Sarah Sanders swipes back at report she’s planning to leave White House.


White House press secretary Sarah Sanders hit back Wednesday night against a report that she was considering leaving her role, saying she “loves” her job and is “honored” to work with President Trump.

Sanders was replying to an earlier CBS News report that both she and deputy press secretary Raj Shah have considered leaving their positions in the administration.

“Does @CBSNews know something I don’t about my plans and my future,” Sanders asked in a tweet. “I was at my daughter’s year-end Kindergarten event and they ran a story about my ‘plans to leave the WH’ without even talking to me.”


14 Comments on Fake News Strikes Again – Sarah Sanders Leaving Her Job? NOPE!

  1. I’m going to defend CBS here:
    Sarah admits she left the White House.
    “I was at my daughter’s year-end Kindergarten event”
    Unless the Kindergarten event was at the White House, she left the White House.
    She’ll be back tomorrow.
    We always think the worst of these wonderful purveyors of the truth.
    (Ha ha ha – I kill myself sometimes.)

  2. That is cruel giving them their 15 minutes of happiness then smacking them down, what fun.

  3. I know Hoft at TGP has been tweaking people with his misleading headlines for a while, but this one really irritated me today. The headline read as though it was real. Still, I will always remember that he was one of only a handful of full-on Trump supporters in the campaign. But c’mon, Jim! You don’t need clickbait!

  4. Well who you going to believe? It’s on the news so it’s got to be trues?
    Maybe they be wishing and hoping.
    I liked Tony snow, but this gal slaps them up side the head.

  5. Hello, “chaos” our old friend,
    We’ve come to talk of you again,
    Because we’ve got about a dozen smears,
    That we have used the last three years,
    But nobody,
    Is falling for our shit.
    So this is it.
    One last try,
    For “chaos”.

  6. Usually, when something like this is put out by the media, the mirror image happens soon after. April, or Acosta?

  7. The fake news media have territs syndrome. An uncontrollable reflex to blurt out their deepest thoughts and desires – nothing to do with facts or reality.

  8. Sarah is having too much fun kicking the daylight out of these neanderfucks. Why would she leave? Which commenter here doesn’t want her job?

  9. They’d love nothing better. To be humiliated by a conservative woman on a daily basis must make them rage with rage.

  10. My eyes open wide every time I see her on TV. I like her brain, her voice… and, um, her looks. She’s the real deal.


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