Fake Twitter Account That Started Covington Sh*tstorm Is Suspended

The narrative of racist MAGA wearing catholic high schoolers harassing a Native American had already been propagated before CNN did a little digging about the Twitter account that started the ball rolling.

The network then asked Twitter about “@Fight2020, which quickly suspended the account when they found it was fake. The social media giant has yet to take any action against all the blue check marked accounts that piled on with awful and violent comments. More 

7 Comments on Fake Twitter Account That Started Covington Sh*tstorm Is Suspended

  1. Jack Dorsey has an entire team designated for creating fake accounts specifically for events such as this. If you look at the stats of most of these accts, #followers/date of creation/# of tweets, there’s no doubt they’re Jack’s pocket accts.

  2. Twatter won’t suspend those accounts because they are true haters of the right and not fake accounts. It’s like the Patriots say they are going to suspend a QB for the first half of the Super Bowl because of a team violation among the team QBs. But the person they suspend is Brian Hoyer. Big fing deal.

  3. What I learned from all of this is that the Black Hebrew Israelites are really racist , and are most likely teaching their children to be the same. Of course I could be wrong😏

  4. Defendants in a libel suit is a target rich environment. I hope the kids as well as the school go all in suing the msm through the floor.

    Libel: A published false statement that is damaging to a person’s reputation; a written defamation


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