Falling For the Left’s Same Old Trick

Being invited by your opponent to disavow something we all find repugnant is setting yourself up for a fall. Pastor Hans Fiene uses the old Peanuts comic “kick the football” gag to demonstrate how the left is always playing this rigged setup with those on the right.


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  1. I might be extremely ignorant, if so please feel free to educate me, but I don’t see what the author refers to as “President Trump’s horrible mistake.” He seems to want to put words on the President’s mouth and that’s not who Trump is. In my opinion, the more we patronize this victim mentality the more we perpetuate it.
    In the eyes of the law, which is supposedly blind, the wrong side was the one there without permission to assemble. In my eyes, they were all wrong, and I’m not afraid to say it, even if it’s a “trap”.

  2. Sorry, Val, but that’s EXACTLY what the leftards want you to do. The first amendment exists not for the speech we agree with but for the speech we don’t.

    Both sides’ message is disgusting but each has a right to say it. The alt-right applied for a permit and it was granted. They were using no violence while they showed the world just how vile and reprehensible they are. If antifa and BLM hadn’t shown up, everyone would have noted their ass-itude and they’d have left without further incident.

    antifa and BLM were bussed in fully intending to cause violence, with soda cans filled with concrete, baseball bats, balloons filled with urine, etc. Premeditated – they were there to be violent. By all the evidence I’ve heard about, the mayor and police broke up the legal march and forced the alt-right directly into the middle of the antifa and BLM goons to GUARANTEE violence would happen.

    You don’t have to agree with the message of either side, but you can’t allow one side to intimidate the other into silence. If the marchers had been nuns protesting abortion and antifa and BLM wanted to be violent, would you blame the nuns? “If they hadn’t marched, antifa wouldn’t have had to be violent.” That’s the height of speciousness.

  3. Phuzzy Logick, so you think that the President should have said that only BLM, antifa, or whatever they call themselves, were wrong?? Anyone going to protest should expect reaction, even nuns. For every action, there’s a reaction. There’s only so much the police can do, although, from what I read, I understand that the police in Charlottesville was told to stand down, which calls for investigations.
    The President was right on his statements and there’s nothing he could’ve said to appease the Left.

  4. Trump walks on water, MSM complains he can’t swim.
    It’ll never end. Even after 8 years and we have another President, the MSM will still be picking on Trump.
    Trump should go completely silent for 3 months. That’ll drive the MSM , Democrats and RINO’s crazy.

  5. Breitbart Baggage??? What?? I agree with his sermonette but as far as baggage, breitbart and Bannon are the ones practicing what what this man preaches.

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