Family Calls Cops Because Of Domestic Disturbance, Then Are Outraged When He’s Killed For Attacking the Police


Pedro Pierre’s sister, Guilaine Jean, and his entire family is devastated. They say the video does not represent their loved one — a father of five, an entrepreneur and a one-time political candidate in Haiti.

“This is not my brother,” Jean said. “He was not a violent person. He was a good guy.”

Pierre’s daughter, Shania, said her father had a stroke a few years ago and suffered from medical problems ever since.

“I know my dad didn’t mean it,” she told CBS4’s Carey Codd. “He didn’t mean it at all. My dad, he had a mental health issue that nobody knew about and I wish the police knew about it before killing him.”

Pierre’s family wishes that the BSO deputy who shot and killed Pierre had tried other methods to stop him before resorting to the ultimate use of force.

“Why can’t they try another way? They have so many ways!” Jean said through tears.

“They didn’t have to kill him at all,” said his son, Ralph Fenelon. “They had tasers, they had other weapons. They didn’t have to shoot him.”


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  1. Win! No more breeding, no more Skittles, no more EBT cards, no more Obamaphone, and no more Section 8. The taxpayer won – again!

  2. I do feel sorry for the families when this occurs. They just want peace in the family but this one nutcase is violent.
    So they call the cops. Nutcase attacks cops, who have every right to go home after their shift. Nutcase gets shot. Deservedly so.
    Tough situation with no easy answer.

  3. I can understand the families grief and confusion. Television has so much to answer for in situations like this. The family is demanding to why they didn’t use tasers and that they (the police) had all kinds of other non-leathal weapons to use that they didn’t have to shoot him. All too often TV police dramas show cops with cops using Tasers that works like a charm the first time (ask the cops that arrested Rodney king how well they worked), netguns or any other number of non deadly force tools to subdue a subject. Just as bad are the weeping relatives demanding a cop be tried for murder because when he/she was finally forced to shoot didn’t just wound him in the leg. Hell, I wonder how many crooks got off free because the prosecution couldn’t produce the miraculous DNA or micro evidence that the CSI shows (and others) produce every week. When faced with low knowledge jurors prosecutions should call TV police show producers to the stand on every important case to tell the audience that what they produce is popcorn not the truth.

  4. If THEY wanted to tell the cop how to do his job,
    THEY should have done it themselves.

    I *hate hate hate* this Monday-morning-quarterbacking
    “sympathy” for a family who asked for help
    to stop a violent family member
    and then b!tched when they got it…
    …”but not the way they wanted it.”

    Go back to F’ING Haiti and live your dream life THERE…
    …no longer at our expense.

  5. 🔷 A+ to the first cop who could have blown his brains out.🔷
    Although he wasn’t seriously hurt, he could have been, who knows?

    🔶 Use the correct force for the correct situation.
    The 2nd cop didn’t need to use a gun first, but after seeing a fellow officer on the ground, AND the guy charged him, perhaps that was the only choice.

    🔶 Whenever someone dies at the hands of the police, I almost NEVER take the side of government (and you shouldn’t either) but it looks like there wasn’t much time for a 2nd option here.

  6. Kind of hard to deploy another non lethal measure when you are backing away from a guy charging you while dragging your partner around by the leg

  7. Dad was a cop and he hated domestic calls more than anything. Usually it’s the same families, alcohol involved, refuse to press charges after the perp has sobered up in the drunk tank. So family gets a well needed night of rest, perp returns home and cops receive a call the following weekend.
    If this guy had mental problems as claimed by the daughter, they should’ve informed the cops when they called. Odds are this wasn’t the first time they’d been called to that address.

  8. If the family knew he was suffering from a mental condition, why didn’t they tell the dispatcher that when they made the call for service? Not buying it. The officer did the only thing he could have—at that point no one had an opportunity to determine if the guy had a gun or knife hidden on his person.

  9. Did anyone else notice how many more Haitian relatives were in that gathering, probably all sucking on the taxpayer’s teat? What the hell are they doing here? Send them back NOW. The Clintons took enough money to care for them in their natural habitat. Sheesh, ENOUGH already!!

  10. Pro tip: Never call the cops on anyone whom you do not wish to possibly be killed or seriously injured.

    Unless they leave you with no other choice, of course.

  11. Families have no other options when mental illness is involved. You used to be able to commit someone to a mental hospital for an evaluation and treatment. So many of these crimes are perpetrated by crazy people who had been identified as crazy way before someone got killed.

  12. The cop first on scene probably was fully capable of shooting that monster, but didn’t want desk duty and an intense, vein opening interrogation by Internal Affairs. Also, some police departments are still operating as if Obama is President. No doubt the first on scene LEO’s fellow officers are not too happy he let a perp get that far without shooting.

  13. A large percentage of Haitian dedicate their children to satan when they’re born. No surprised these demon possessed children grow up and snap one day, causing something horrific. It’s a miracle it doesn’t hapoen more often. Thank God Christian missons to Haiti have put a dent in the mahyem.

  14. “If this guy had mental problems as claimed by the daughter, they should’ve informed the cops when they called. Odds are this wasn’t the first time they’d been called to that address.”

    Very good point.

  15. TO MJA
    Cops are not there to act as Mental Health professionals.
    They use other “tools.”

    I place NO fault on the police here.

    The f’ing family knew of the problem,
    and recognized he was getting out of their hands/control.
    That DOESN’T make it the responsibility of the police.

  16. Myself I wouldn’t have shot. As soon as they opened the door I’d have thrown in a fragmentation grenade and wiped out the whole rats nest and walk away!

  17. Czar of Defenestration I’m not arguing with that. I’m agreeing with the point that the cops should have been told the guy was insane. Same as they should be told if the guy had guns or bombs, etc. Because had they known, they could have had someone medically trained to take his ass down instead and taken him to a prison hospital and the cops would probably not have been batted around. Now they have to do yards of paperwork and probably get wrapped up with racism charges.

  18. Merry Poppet – Right? LOL. I watched live videos in LA of big drugged up guys running buck nekkid in the streets with multiple cops trying to take him down. Nothing worked. Not tasers, not even gun shots. They took one guy down by tripping him. 5 cops jumped on him and they had to avoid his mouth snapping and biting at them as if he were an alligator.

  19. “They didn’t have to kill him – they had tasers..” Uh, Cop #1 deployed his taser (0:56) – no effect. Personally, I don’t see a problem. Are you supposed to wait until he injures or perhaps kills someone before you act? No – you put him down like you would any rabid dog. You don’t wait until he bites someone. The world now has one less crazy in it.

  20. TO MJA
    I get your point but the cops are cops.
    By that, I mean they shouldn’t be burdened with other things for sensitivity purposes.

    SO he’s crazy. SO WHAT?!

    The example I sometimes use is: if the dangerous guy is deaf…
    …whatcha gonna do: call in a sign language guy to interpret?
    No, try to stop the threat as needed, INCLUDING deadly force.

  21. I’m not talking about sensitivity training, either. I’m talking about if I’m coming to your house because there’s a problem, let me know that there’s a crazy person who is liable to get jumpy.

  22. “I’m talking about strategy. Strategy to avoid getting cops killed and people around them injured.”

    I don’t know many departments that would send one midget cop to a domestic disturbance call. THE most dangerous call LE responds to. All the departments I know will send two officers. Sometimes the out come is the same, however your average nut jog might be a little more hesitant to attack two officers.

  23. Bad_Brad remember that chick cop they sent to work blocking that intersection in Charlottesville? She was by herself in a squad car and had an unrelated elbow injury. She got nervous and complained so they reassigned her and left the intersection unguarded. That’s not much of a strategy. lol.

  24. Decedent out-reached cop by at least a foot, was the aggressor, failed to respond to voltage, failed to respond to impact weapon (shitty car antenna), but stopped aggression until second cop showed on the scene. Contrast this with the murder-setup in the Mesa Hotel Execution. There was no escalation along the force continuum, just verbal and lethal.

    Command needs to stop sending single cops to domestics. It’s stupid.

  25. MJA

    My favorite ccw instructor is a retired sheriff. He tells a story about how him and his partner were called to a domestic disturbance one evening. Elderly parents being threatened by their 40 something year old son. The pull up and the guy walks out on their elevated porch wearing a table cloth like a big ass diaper and swinging a Samurai sword. They just started addressing him when they guy jumps up on the hood of their patrol car and starts swing at them with that big ass knife. So, they shot him. He lived but was paralyzed. Parents sued the department.
    Some times no protocol will diffuse the situation. The department chewed the officers butts because he was way inside 21 feet before they shot him.

  26. Understood, MJA, but that’s my point as well…SO WHAT if the cops know there’s a crazy guy they’re going out there for? What are they going to do differently? (Nuttin’.) Trouble/danger is just that, and you can only “accommodate” so much…especially when violence and weapons are in the picture.

  27. You cant continually deploy tasers. A person can go into card arrest the first time. The chances go up astronomically the more times you use a taser

  28. I saw this video yesterday. The shooting is justified. The first cop tased him earlier in the video and it had no effect and we see this happen often in a lot of videos. So my my question for the cops on here is about pepper spray. I never see pepper spray used any more. Has it been banned or is it just less effective then a taser?

  29. IN SUMMARY……

    1. Family should have gotten him mental health help.
    2. Should have told dispatch he is mentally ill.
    3. Cops are paid to protect the public, even from themselves.
    4. Cops should use the least lethal force first (shut up! I know they tasered him)
    5. Cops should TRY to use 2 non-lethal methods first before using lethal force, such as pepper spray, taser (shut up! I know seconds count if a criminal has murderous intentions)
    6. Cops should have the first round be a non-lethal impact round, and then they have a second to decide if a KILL-SHOT is really necessary (shut up! I know seconds count, but cops can squeeze off 3 rounds a second)
    7. Cops should have a partner for domestic calls.
    8. Cops should have ONE weapon system that has taser, pepper-spray, and a lethal gun all in one. Maybe even a flashlight, infra-red scope, and tic-tac dispenser. Kinda like the Delta Force Land Warrior weapon system. Or maybe even an Iron Man suit! Yeah, that would be badass.

    So all you people with crazy family members, you better get your FREAK OUT plans in place, otherwise, the police might resolve it for you, permanently.

  30. Like someone noted…

    Domestic violence calls are extremely dangerous (you never know when one spouse will jump in to defend the other from the police)….

    Most departments have a policy of no entry/engagement until both officers are on scene….

    Lastly having police carrying tasters that look/handle like guns is bad….in fact they need to get rid of the tasers and rely on clubs, mace, and guns…..



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