Family does scene by scene recreation of Journey video- the shutdown must end – IOTW Report

Family does scene by scene recreation of Journey video- the shutdown must end


A listener sent in a video of a family in Maple Valley who spent their quarantine time creating a shot by shot recreation of Journey’s “Separate Ways,” which has since gone a bit viral. Dad Steven Heller joined The Dori Monson Show to discuss what inspired them to do it.

“It was so much fun. I was sitting here in my office and I get a text from my wife who is in the bedroom just next door, and she’s like, ‘We need to make a music video.’ I thought that sounds like a lot of work … On Saturday, we just took all day. I didn’t think my kids were going to be into it. I thought they’d say, ‘Mom and dad, you’re dorks,’” he said.


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  1. Fire Dr. Gramsci—I mean, Dr. Fasci—erm, Dr. Fauci.

  2. I watched half the video and thought what the hell is this crap. I was never a Journey guy so I wasn’t even sure of the original song. For some reason I listened to the radio interview, and I was then intrigued. So I rewatched the video, and I have to say I give them credit, they did a good job of breaking up the monotony of being quarantined. Two thumbs up!

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  4. I have Hanna-Barbera sound effects CD, I was thinking of doing some video editing put in blur and slow motion effects with the sounds.

    This video is much better. I wish the woman drummer had a fake moustache.

  5. Menotu. I’m gonna leave that spam comment in the thread because your parody is frickin hilarious.

  6. That was great!

    And the Journey video still sucks ass to this day.

  7. @jerry manderin – thanks now i’m watching all those no music videos!

  8. Wow, flashback…I actually did the first “unofficial” music video for Journey, “Don’t Stop Believin'” 1981.
    (They liked it but never used it.)

    part of my 15 minutes of fame

  9. I thought it was fun. honesy gen & menotu brightened my morning as well thank you.

  10. I loved Journey when I was a kid. I was quite good at the Journey Atari game. It was basically just walking and avoiding STDs and crust panties being thrown by groupies… or something, hey its been 40 yrs!

    My question is did the dad just happen to have that exact tank top before they were quarentined? I mean, I was impressed with how they put the video together with stuff they had on hand while confined to their home, but Dad’s tank top was an exact match for Steve Perry’s!!! hmmmm…

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