Family of Boy Thrown From Mall of America Balcony Files Lawsuit

NTD: MINNEAPOLIS—The family of a boy who was thrown off a third-floor balcony at the Mall of America in April 2019 has filed a lawsuit accusing the mall of failing to provide proper security.

The complaint filed Tuesday says the mall and its security detail knew about the previous “violent, aggressive, and erratic” behavior displayed at the shopping center by the boy’s attacker, Emmanuel Aranda. Security should have have prevented Aranda from “prowling” at the building without an officer following him closely, the suit said. Aranda was allegedly banned from the mall twice in previous years.

The boy, identified only as Landen, was 5 years old when he was thrown nearly 40 feet to the ground by Aranda, who was sentenced to 19 years in prison for attempted first-degree murder. Aranda told investigators he went to the Bloomington, Minnesota, mall “looking for someone to kill” after women had rejected his advances. MORE

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  1. In today’s world, with what I see of security allowing open theft in Libtard cities, would a following security guard even allowed to physically stop the assault.

    A few years back he would get a medal, citation,m and free drinks wherever he was recognized. Lately stores fire employees who try to stop theft etc.

  2. There are articles that clearly state Aranda had a History of mental issues and Violence. His Mother stated so in an article for MPR news. There are therefore many government people and Cock Touchers who knew of this ass-holes issues and never put him in an institution and allowed him to wander & prowl society.
    Those are the people who should have to answer for his actions.
    (Judges included if any)

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    and rich republic the world has ever and will ever


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