Family of Horse-Toothed Jackasses Notches Another One

kerry kennedy is just another kennedy in a loooooooooooooooooooooooooooong series of kennedy’s that are miserable horse-toothed jackasses that live off the family name and treat people miserably.


Robert F. Kennedy’s daughter Kerry is ‘unhinged’ and acts like the dictator of a banana republic at her father’s eponymous Human Rights charity  while she enriches herself off its coffers and has no real direction or talent – at least according to several former employees.

RFK’s seventh child, 56, is the subject of the scorching allegations in Sunday’s New York Post, which quotes multiple unnamed sources in a lengthy evisceration of her role as the ‘human rights activist and lawyer’ president leading Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights.

According to the report, Kennedy treats staff poorly, acts erratically and her actions have led to nine employees to leave the charity in the past year alone.

‘She treats them so badly, belittling and embarrassing them in front of others,’ a former three-year employee told the Post, adding, ‘She can’t follow up and can be very vague. Sometimes she would get frustrated but couldn’t convey where her frustration was coming from.’

The employee claims that while she was always hard to work for, her behavior got worse in early 2015.

According to its website the charity is a ‘group of experts and advocates passionate about realizing Robert F. Kennedy’s dream of a more just and peaceful world.’

But the multiple former employees say that the reality is Kennedy uses foundation funds to lavish herself and party with famous people.

The Post reports that tax filings show she paid herself a whopping $357,340 in 2014.

She also flies only business class, changes and no-shows on tickets at costly whims and only stays at four star hotels, including when in Paris staying at the same $500-a-night hotel as John Kerry – all billed to the charity.

And the Paris trip was for the sole purpose, the disgruntled former employees claim, of screening a movie with Javier Bardem.


This is why the kennedy’s usually end up with some sort of brain injury or illness. It’s Karmalot.

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  1. The Kennedy Kurse.
    Joe made a deal with the devil and the kids are paying the vig. FDR in Hell can supply us with the financial report.

  2. “group of experts and advocates passionate about realizing Robert F. Kennedy’s dream of a more just and peaceful world.’”

    Except for the employees who work for her. The Kennedy’s have a history of mental illness, and it’s glaring right at us with Karry Kennedy. I bet she’s an alcoholic.

  3. So does she get her foundation makeup at Home Depot or Lowe’s? Looks like they used a two inch putty knife and some Spackle.

    She, like Hillary, is apparently as ugly on the inside as she is on the outside.

  4. She has three daughters with Andrew Cuomo. I don’t think I want to know what they look like.

  5. Her mother, Ethel, was a raving lunatic so why would the daughter be any different?

    The Kennedys are America’s STD. A few poor choices early in our collective lives have lead to endless misery and suffering.

  6. What is it about Dems who profess to care about “the little people” while treating them like garbage?

  7. these leftist charities are self serving tax dodges. How are the leftist employees at these scams surprised? leftist charity. what a joke.

  8. A wife or so ago, I was married to a Brit who worked for her mother who was an abusive tyrant. Ethel demanded that her bedclothes be laid out in a very particular manner, her day clothes, etc and that there be chocolates for her dog on the bed at night. Everyone knows dogs aren’t supposed to eat chocolate but I guess it was the equipment to tying a pork chop around Ethel’s neck.

    Mommy Dearest was a horrible bitch. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

  9. This cries out for another round of lobotomies. It worked well in her aunts case. So she had children with coumo? hope they’re in specimen jars somewhere.

  10. Tragic. Their connection to wealth is their connection to Satan. That cursed family would be so much better off if they each had 5 or 6 kids with a stay at home mom and a dad who worked like a slave to bring in 30 grand a year.

  11. I heard that Bubba refused a BJ from her, because of the teeth. Coulda had one though. But he had no balls.

  12. In The Return Of The King, there was a scene that was only in the special edition that had an evil character with those same teeth. He was the same guy who piloted the mini-coptor in Under The Thunderdome. Kerry Kennedy is a perfect match.

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