Fannie and Freddie Live Another Day

WaEx: Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are all but certain to survive another Congress and complete 10 years in the government’s hands without major reform legislation.

That anniversary comes in September, a decade since the two government-sponsored enterprises teetered during the global financial crisis and required a government bailout.

Key lawmakers who have been pushing to overhaul the mortgage giants are acknowledging that, with Congress winding down before the midterm elections, a Fannie-Freddie overhaul this year is not possible.

“I don’t feel great about anything happening this year,” acknowledged Sen. Bob Corker, the Tennessee Republican who, as a member of the Senate Banking Committee, worked behind the scenes over recent months to try to develop draft legislation that would earn support from Democrats. Without support from across the aisle, the bill hasn’t been formally introduced.  read more

4 Comments on Fannie and Freddie Live Another Day

  1. See, if the Republicans sweep the House and Senate, the whole political landscape will change and – “Oh my! Lions, and Tigers, and Bears!” – We the People will finally come into our own!

    Why is it, that outside of what President Trump does (directly), nothing else gets done? The President’s doing all – ALL – the heavy lifting.

    Still saddled with ObolaCare.
    Still no Wall.
    Still have Deficit Spending.
    Still have a Rat-Person invasion.
    Still threatened by izlam.
    Still have the EPA.
    Still have the Dept of Education.
    Still have the BATFE.
    Still have corruption in the FBI, CIA, DIA, NSA, &c,
    Still have criminals hiding behind politics.

    Same oh, same oh – and the beat goes on …

    izlamo delenda est …

  2. What Tim said.

    I do think the EPA and Dept of Ed have made a lot of strides. We really need to be able to overcome cloture though, whether getting 60 votes or reducing the requirement to 51.


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