Fans Bail on ‘Monday Night Football’

No matter who dresses up as what at the NFL offices in New York, it’s not likely that their Halloween costume will scare Commissioner Roger Goodell more, than the ratings for Monday Night Football.  – More at Breitbart

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  1. I remember watching the NFL draft last year and EVERY SINGLE TIME Goodell came out to the podium to speak the crowd booed his ass.

    This year I bet they shoot him.

  2. This is a great year for me – I can honestly say I don’t know how many wins/losses my used-to-be-favorite team has nor have i been forced to “hate” the New England Pats anymore (or any less).

    Who cares? No one at my house and there are a list of products to avoid magnetized to my fridge.

  3. NFail- Arrogance, disrespect, stupidity and bitterness will bite you in your backside every time.

    Repentance and humility will put you on the right road, but it’ll be a long road home.

  4. I notice that the sports talks have boycotted talking about any protests and all “highlights” assiduously avoid showing the crowds.

    I was reading The Sporting News last week and they said people weren’t attending games because they are mad that Kaepernick wasn’t hired by any team.

    They’ve learned nothing.

  5. @Cliche Guevara: And people have stopped watching Kathy Griffin because she de-friended Anderson Cooper.


  6. We are OUT. No NFL in our home ever again. Our soon to be son-in-law is in the Coast Guard for 10 years & he also boycotts.

    Too many other things to do in life than enrich ghetto morons who “play” for a living & hate the country that makes it all possible.

  7. The day Aaron Rogers publicly announce he was going to show his support for Colon Krapperdick etc… I packed up a lifetime of Packer stuff (3 storage tubs full), and shipped it off to the attic. I have not watched a game since, nor will I. Besides, there’s plenty other shit I could be doing instead of sitting on my ass. My basement and garage are spotless, all my yard work and getting things wrapped up for winter is accomplished etc…
    When I die, someone can buy that junk at the auction and sell it on eBay.

  8. VV: Seinfeld captured what an awful person she was two decades ago. She lives down to her D List reputation on a daily basis.

    She is the Andy Dick of female comedians.

  9. And the B&E artists shuffle through the cold, empty, asphalt deserts, wondering why the rolling treasure chests no longer line up in endless rows, waiting to be plundered. It’s going to be a blue, blue Christmas.

  10. It is encouraging to see the very effective punishment of a formerly popular American institution that goes Leftist.

  11. Funny how the people that actually support an event or product can make a difference.

    Oddly, if liberals boycotted the NFL it wouldn’t make a difference

  12. Roger Goodell’s life will actually be better if he proves himself a martyr for the communalism cause. By sacrificing other people’s money, of course. His lifestyle won’t suffer. His friends and neighbors will admire him more. The people he’s surrounded himself with “at work” dream of seeing such heroism. They will be profoundly touched when he is “forced” to retire. For The Cause.

    Of course, if the deplorables realize how important football really is to America(!), and come crawling back with baskets of cash strapped to their backs, it’s won’t be martyrdom. But it will pay awfully well. With other people’s money. So there’s that.

    “Win/win” as the fascists say.

  13. My family sat down and made a list of all the things we can and should be doing on Sundays instead of sitting on our duffs watching football. (We never watched the weeknight games anyway, what with our kids’ sports and homework, etc.). Needless to say, we came up with many ways to enjoy our Sundays more fully as a family. The NFL is gone from our home and will not be missed.

  14. “Alrighty then. Today’s contestants are all from the NFL. Under Career Suicide: DOOR NUMBER 1. Honor and respect those who died for your freedom or, door number 2, support black druggies, dropouts, murderers, gang bangers, rapists, thieves, and career criminals? “We’LL take door number 2, Alex.”

  15. The other day a fella was over to provide me an estimate. Making small talk, he asked if I saw the Bears game. Instead of getting all sanctimonious, like a typical liberal, I replied that I simply had better things to do and missed the game. He then goes on about Zach Miller’s injury. I so want to see what happened, but I know any search or click somehow helps the NFL.

  16. Nothing makes people question what they believe in more than having a bunch of assholes in the group.

    NFL fans are finally questioning the logic of wasting their time and money on a bunch of filthy brats who don’t show them any respect.

    Find another hobby America.

  17. Goodell and all the other NFL apologists keep saying it’s the cable-cutters like me who aren’t watching football anymore. I call bullshit on that. Why? Because I stopped watching ESPN back when I still had cable and I cut way back on watching Sunday games too.


  18. And next week won’t be any better. Packers-Lions. A regional interest game. Without AR, there’ll be little interest. BH just sucks under pressure, and Pack’s got no running game established, so only reason to care about this is what’s the Lions gonna do.

  19. Dude at work just came in offering 2 free tix to the Jags game Sunday. Room of 10 peeps, no takers. They can’t give the shit away. Glorious.

  20. President Trump, my President, may truly be a Jedi warrior 4-D chess master.

    Are there any Americans unaware of “Fake News”?
    They’ve been partisan and misleading us for decades, but suddenly the arena is changed.

    How many Americans have a totally different view of professional sports and now Hollywood, et al? President Trump shone a spotlight on them and instead of rethinking their ways, they preen their anti-American biases.

    Touche, President Trump ! With so much to clean up, we’ll never tire of your WINNING!

  21. @Carmenzoid, if someone did that with Browns tickets they’d likely get shot LOL
    And we used to be the most loyal fans in football…

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