Fans Cheer Donald Trump as He Attends College Football Championship Game


President Donald Trump was warmly greeted by football fans attending the NCAA college championship game on Monday.

The Clemson University Tigers are playing the Louisiana State University Tigers for the college football championship.

The president traveled with first lady Melania Trump to the Superdome in New Orleans, Louisiana, for the game.

Fans of both teams also chanted “U-S-A!” as the president and first lady arrived on the field for the National Anthem. Others shouted, “Four more years!” read more

8 Comments on Fans Cheer Donald Trump as He Attends College Football Championship Game

  1. I remember the enthusiasm the democrats had back when jug ears entered the scene with his faux Greek columns and promises of “change”.
    Take a look around today anywhere in the country and where the President shows up that energy is ten fold.
    If they steal this upcoming election that same enthusiasm will turn into a blind rage. They better be ready!

  2. That was great and very foreboding for Democrats.

    And Trump will have a rally in Wisconsin tonight as Democrats debate. Should be an interesting split screen.
    Vibrant Trump vs. deadpan cadavers.

  3. Remember when leftist idiots were fainting at the sight of the jug eared Marxist? Loony leftist behavior vs. Americans showing hearty support and appreciation for a President who loves America and is doing a great job unleashing her potential!

  4. There is hope! Young people are not as stupid as democrats wish they were.

    However, don’t forget that people who watch football are not snowflakes.

    I loved the game and was smiling from ear to ear during the TELEVISED national anthem & trump walking out.

    My favourite team Ohio State was not in it but I enjoyed watching 2 great teams.

  5. The whole family watch the president and First Lady walk out and it was great. Very emotional, I felt. It was a relief to see not everyone is a hater like they are in the city I live. Great moment on TV!


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