Fans Divided On Viral Little League Baseball Player Hugging Crying Pitcher Who Plunked Him In The Head – IOTW Report

Fans Divided On Viral Little League Baseball Player Hugging Crying Pitcher Who Plunked Him In The Head

One twitter commenter said –

If my players ever pulled this stunt they’re getting benched immediately then running poles for hours after the game. This generation is #charminultrasoft

SB Nation – A scary play turned into a touching moment at the 2022 Little League World Series on Tuesday afternoon in the Southwest Region championship game between Texas East and Oklahoma. There might not be a better example of sportsmanship this year.

Oklahoma hitter Isaiah “Zay” Jarvis was hit in the head with a pitch from Kaiden Shelton of Texas East in the first inning with two runners on. The pitch appeared hit him in the earflap, and knocked his helmet straight off his head. After several moments on the ground, the Jarvis took first base. Then he called timeout and walked over to the pitcher, who was clearly struggling after hitting his opponent in the head.

The two embraced on the mound before other Texas East teammates joined in to comfort Shelton.

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  2. Try to remember that baseball is just a game. If nearly putting a kid in the hospital while playing it doesn’t affect you, I’m sure Antifa would love to have your contact info.

    Save the “Destroy the Enemy/Win At Any Cost” mentality for things that truly matter. Baseball isn’t one of them.

  3. I don’t have a problem with this. If the pitcher was concerned about hitting the batter in the head, while the batter was letting him know I’m OK.
    I think the pitcher was upset about not only hitting the batter in the head, but for loading the bases and being under this pressure and not playing better in that inning. These are kids and it is just a sport and they aren’t men yet being paid to do the job of playing baseball.

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  5. Thank God he hit the earflap on his helmet and not his jaw. A hearty thumbs up and a broad smile from the kid would have mollified the pitcher (and the crowd), and would not have turned this incident into a debate of personal morals. Isn’t that why helmets are worn by the batter? It’s entirely possible the pitcher was distressed by his own embarrassment a great deal more than he was at putting the batter in the dirt. Who’s to say. If it wasn’t personal, it’s a case of no harm, no foul.

  6. Anybody have the audio of what was said to the pitcher by the hitter? Damn FBI has me doubting everything I see now!

  7. Things used to be the pitcher would be apologizing to the batter, the batter shaking hands with the pitcher. Nobody would be crying. I guess naming your kid Kaiden almost assures that. He’ll have a great career with the new Army.

  8. Crazy White Cracker, yer killin’ me! LOL!

    Have you been on vacation? Missed ya. Not the County Jail again?! heh! Yea, me too.

  9. If a game causes that much grief for a player, time to find a different sport to entrench yourself in. Sports is suppose to toughen you up, not make a pussy out of you. If the kid did it intentionally that’s a different story, he should be benched forever if that’s the case.

  10. CNN is all mushy goosebumps over this display of what it calls “sportsmanship”.

    No doubt Liberals/Dummocraps/pervs would have preferred the two to strip and have fag sex right there on the pitcher’s mound.

  11. It is only a game!
    M uncle was known for berating his kids when they did not perform well at sports with such chestnuts as, “You’re a loser and will always be one!”
    Two of his three sons grew up to be drug addicts.

  12. Got hit in the jaw with the same type of pitch. I went down. Team mates to this day remind me of the incident and thought I got killed.
    The pitcher was ON MY TEAM as we had an inter-squad game. He didn’t cry. In fact, he did it on purpose because I was the OTHER PITCHER on the team.
    He didn’t cry. He was happy he clocked me with a fast ball. I should’ve rushed the mound and pounded him with my baseball bat. Had lace marks on my jaw for a week.

  13. Even though this current generation of boys are encouraged to “hug it out”, what this baseball player did was a display of genuine concern and empathy. Yes, a good sportsmanship gesture. The hit wasn’t intentional – obviously traumatic for the young pitcher.

    He hugged the other baseball player the way he was probably taught to do as a toddler – hugging another boy around the waist, kind of awkward.

    Still, these are boys, not men so their pure caring reactions are unfiltered and more compassionate than boys are given credit for normally.

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