Farmer Sues County Over Wind Ordinance; Asks For Restraining Order On Wind Energy Projects – IOTW Report

Farmer Sues County Over Wind Ordinance; Asks For Restraining Order On Wind Energy Projects

Activist Post: TOLEDO — After asking the Tama County Board of Supervisors week after week to consider enacting a moratorium on future industrial wind energy projects – only to have the requests denied or dismissed – a petition has been filed against the board by a member of the Tama County Against Turbines coalition in regards to the board’s recent action to ‘reaffirm’ the county’s wind energy conversion system (WECS) ordinance. more

12 Comments on Farmer Sues County Over Wind Ordinance; Asks For Restraining Order On Wind Energy Projects

  1. President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neanderthal B Woodman Domestic Violent Extremist SuperStraight

    Vibrating the ground around them.
    Heating the ground
    Killing birds
    Sucks up more energy to manufacture & install then they produce

    And that’s a start against wind energy.

  2. …I saw a single truck on the other side of the highway the other day, pulled over to comply with rules about when oversized loads can be moved.

    And it was quite oversized.

    It had a verrry stretched, very wide arrangement it was hauling in lieu of a regular trailer, and it was hauling
    Wind turbine blade.

    …presumably this meant 2-3 other trucks were doing the same elsewhere, or else this was a single replacement for a failed one on a turbine that was currently out of service.

    Because this crap WILL fail. And balance on large, high speed rotating objects is VERY important.

    For a fuller discorse on just the logistic challenges of moving ONE part of this massive structure and the diesel fuel it will use, see below;

    …and this thing has massive bearings, tons of copper, lubricants aplenty, all the folderol a generator must have…and all of it has to not only be trucked in using diesel, but assembled and repaired using fuel-hungry helicopters, not to mention the carbon released when these things burst into flame when they seize up or get unbalanced, and the firefighting efforts that ALSO burn diesel…

    …and all this, but no guarantee the wind will blow right. It may blow too little, too much, or too inconsistently. Generation isn’t too good when the speed isn’t steady, and wind is never known for its steadiness.

    …of course it kills endagerered animals and looks like hell besides, but what it DOESN’T do is provide reliable energy economically.

    Its like a giant COVID mask all over a beautiful ridgeline. Great virture signal, but is useless most times and actually counterproductive at others.

  3. Grampa, what did you use to make electricity before windmills? Why boy, we used coal, natural gas, oil, hydro and nuclear power to produce electricity in power plants. Why don’t we use any of those now Grampa? Socialism my boy, socialism. Soon we won’t even have the windmills, they cost too much to manufacture and maintain.

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  5. Windmills are great at producing more income for the manufacturers and material suppliers. That’s it.
    Much like ethanol supplies more money to the producers, Cargil and ADM. If ethanol was a good fuel, we would be powering electric generators with it.
    If they “actually” interested in green energy they would promote geothermal.
    I checked when I had a new system installed, it would have be $12,000 more with well holes. $12,000 to save $50 a month, I would be 84 years old before it paid for itself.

  6. Don’t know if anyone’s seen one of those combust but it’s not very environmentally friendly.

  7. Windmills don’t make enough energy to pay for themselves, at least at today’s electricity prices. Uh oh.

  8. Pfft SNS, You totally ignored the magical step two and put cost numbers in it’s place. It’s supposed to be a magical question mark followed by step 3 – PROFIT!

    Underwear gnomes know this formula. Heck, they invented it.

    You’re totally not thinking like a dumb-a** libtard.

    Keep it up.

  9. Add that if one of us peons is caught with ONE feather from a bird-of-prey, we get fined, or worse if we’re making a profit off them. Even worse if we profit with them dying because of our enterprise.

    So what’s the deal on a license to kill as many birds-of-prey as they will with no repercussions or any consideration ?

    I’m good with jailing ALL of both houses and the WH and letting us rule ourselves like it was meant to be. Without new laws being written, the SC will have much less to do as the years go by.


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