Farmers under the gun in Obama “clean power plan”

CFACT: Hidden in the thicket of the Obama administration’s elaborate scheme to transform the U.S. energy sector away from fossil fuels is a section that puts American farmers squarely in Washington’s bull’s eye.

The Clean Power Plan, the final version of which was unveiled on August 3, 2015, is generally understood to target emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2) from coal-fired power plants in the name of combatting climate change, formerly known as global warming. It aims to reduce CO2 emissions from power plants by 32 percent below 2005 levels within 25 years.

But the plan is about much more than destroying the coal industry before closing in on natural-gas producers as a means of clearing the path for otherwise uncompetitive wind and solar power. The White House wants to use its alleged concern for the climate as an excuse to subject farmers to “sustainability” standards cooked up by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

In an eye-opening article in the Wall Street Journal (July 11), Bruce E. Dale, professor of chemical engineering and materials science at Michigan State University, points out that EPA “is counting biogenetic-carbon emissions as if they were the same as fossil-carbon emissions. They are not.” Dale explains that agricultural products such as grains and oilseeds contain biogenetic carbon, which comes from the atmosphere and returns to the atmosphere when these products are consumed, “such as when human beings eat bread and then breathe out the carbon dioxide resulting from the breakdown of bread in the body.” Biogenetic carbon, he says, “cannot contribute to climate change.”  more

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  1. “Neither rule was enacted by Congress; both are products of Washington’s sprawling bureaucracy.”

    Yet, even though they hold the reins, our Republican friends in Congress allow this shit to happen. Remember that at the polls, folks.


    So if Big Brother determines that biogenetic carbon will be treated the same as fossil fuel carbon emissions, where does that lead us? When all possible CO2 emission sources are regulated, including our exhalation, interesting solutions may appear. One of them may be the Final Solution, if CO2 levels do not drop enough to satisfy the likes of St. Algore and his Church of the Warming Orb.

    Problem is, they won’t be allowed to herd us into the ovens because THAT would emit carbon as well.

    Where will they put all the bodies that have been generated in their efforts to reduce human CO2 emissions?

  2. So they’re after coal miners and now farmers too. In other words, anybody who does real work that sustains the country.

    Thesee asshats won’t be happy until we are wholly a nation of yuppie financial advisors, hipster doofi with useless degrees in Gender Studies, and dindoo nuffin on welfare.

  3. You can tell the farmer in the picture is an accomplished expert in agriculture, because he is obviously outstanding in his field.


  4. Now WTF is wrong with natural gas? We have more of it then anyone on earth(same with oil and coal). I thought that it was the best because it burns clean, is abundant, easy to transport and cheap.

    These GD enviro-whackjobs are out of their fucking minds. New horrors popping up in their relentless efforts to scare children are “killer rains” & “heat dome” They never stop. It really has nothing to do with protecting the earth, it’s about power-raw naked control.

    Just like “gay rights” isn’t about homos marrying, it’s about forcing Christians to bend to their will using the power of the state.

    OOH you’ve got them banning DDT because supposedly eagle eggshells were getting thinner and the eagle population was dropping-yet they keep their fucking soup coolers closed with 100s of 1,000s of birds are sucked into wind turbines and hacked to pieces.

    Yeah, go figure.

  5. Holodomor Our little Marxist in chief learned well from his masters.

    Soviet leadership used the man-made famine to attack Ukrainian nationalism

  6. This is all about ultimate population reduction not green energy. When there is little energy and insufficient food people will do whatever they must to live.

  7. Algore has a rough life.
    All these common people breathing his air, using his roads and airways.
    if only he could figure out a way to kill everyone that makes less than $750,000 a year.
    Just think how much better everything would be. Uncluttered freeways, enough jet fuel for him to take a 747 to the corner store. Utopia at last!

  8. If you think the GOP is not supporting Obama think: Petraeus, Comey, “Hellicopter Ben”….Need more leberals put in high office by the Bush/Obama coalition; ask – I have dozens!

  9. The enviro-nazis want to kill the planet by reducing the atmospheric CO2.
    What do plants “inhale”? CO2.
    What do plants “exhale”? O2.
    What happens if you reduce the atmospheric CO2? You reduce the numbers of plants.
    What happens if you reduce the numbers of plants? You reduce the amount of O2, and therefore get less, and/or dumber animals and people.
    So much for saving the planet, the environment, and the Gaia ecosystem.

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