“Fat Leonard”: Man Behind US Navy’s Largest Corruption Case Hires a U-Haul, Cuts Ankle Tag, and Flees. – IOTW Report

“Fat Leonard”: Man Behind US Navy’s Largest Corruption Case Hires a U-Haul, Cuts Ankle Tag, and Flees.

“Fat Leonard” bribed officers with sex parties and fancy feasts in exchange for classified information and defence contracts. Now, weeks from sentencing, he’s vanished.

VICE: His unassailable charm was said to have penetrated the U.S. Navy better than the Soviets ever could, as he gained unprecedented access to classified military information through a massive bribery network. Now, Leonard Glenn Francis has pulled off yet another daring feat, successfully escaping house arrest just weeks before he’s set to be sentenced for masterminding the Navy’s largest-ever corruption scandal. 

Widely known as “Fat Leonard” for his 350-pound, 6-foot-three stature, Malaysian businessman Francis cut his GPS monitoring ankle bracelet off on Sunday and fled his San Diego home, where he’s been under house arrest since 2018.  read more

25 Comments on “Fat Leonard”: Man Behind US Navy’s Largest Corruption Case Hires a U-Haul, Cuts Ankle Tag, and Flees.

  1. His escape was planned by the corrupt FBI.

  2. I’m most impressed that he was able to find a U-Haul in California.

  3. I just caught this on another site. This is a HUGE Navy embarrassment. Heads need to roll. Worse than Tailhook.

    Stupid fuckers.

  4. Not like he was hiding out. Had his own podcast ffs.

  5. Note to self:….if ever under house arrest cut your ankle bracelet off and put it on a roomba so they don’t think your dead when the bracelet quits moving….

  6. Shit! I think I use to date his sister. Obese Betsy.

  7. ^^^^ Was Betsy one of the Butt sisters?….

  8. It seems our ‘higher-ups’ are easily duped, bribed and/or threatened.

  9. Why wasn’t he already in a Navy prison like Portsmouth? Somebody really fucked up and dropped the ball big time on this jerk. He should’ve been tried for treason and had to walk the plank in shark infested waters. His connections will probably mean that they will never find him. Using hookers as bait to entice corrupt Navy officers and other govt. officials is as old as time, what else is new.

  10. Likely he went south to Mexico and from there to his home country of Malaysia.

  11. What were biden’s and pelosi’s cuts?

  12. Was he involved with “Horny Hunter” in any way and does he also kick back to “the Big Guy?”

  13. “fat leonard”
    now he’s ‘slipping through the cracks’
    yeah, roger on that one

  14. He is now instructing FBI upper level management level directors in an undisclosed location for the new wave of Federal Corruption Policies to go into effect once DJT is re-elected.

  15. Good Lord, how hard is it to find a 6’3″ 350 lbs man? They can pick him up by satellite for Pete’s sake.

  16. “Somebody really fucked up and dropped the ball big time on this jerk.”

    Please. The fix was in. Nobody “fucked up.” All part of the plan.
    The courts are one of the rings in the political “Big Top” Circus arena and, as in all aspects of politics, there are no co-incidences, no paradoxes, and no unintended consequences.

    More taxpayer dollars stolen – that’s all – we should be used to it. Not a cent will be recovered and the maggots will bleat: “So it never happens again” just before it happens again. And we’ll wag our little sheeple tails and line up for the shearing.

    Been there; Done that.

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …

  17. Why is Swalwell still walking around free with his Asian hooker?

  18. Don’t worry, if he tries to flee by sea our Coast Guard will intercept him—oh wait, they’re busy patrolling the Solomon Islands and the Persian Gulf. Remind me again what it is that our Navy is supposed to be doing, because it sure seems like the Pentagon has lost the plot. I would say that they’re about due for another kinetic wake-up call, but our enemies have probably figured out that it’s best to let that beribboned clusterfuck shamble along unmolested.

  19. His “escape” may have been an execution, since he may have had some dirt on someone pretty big. That he’d be under house arrest with no one watching him is pretty suspicious.

  20. The guy had his own zip code and still waddled out of the country.
    – Got to go now, thanks for everything.

  21. Agreed, TheMule. Or he’s the current Joseph Mifsud.

  22. Compare how the Government handled the Jan. 6th patriot prisoners versus how they handled Fat Leonard.

    Biden keeps saying a threat to national security.
    Which of the above is a real threat to national security?

  23. A nice keel hauling from bow to stern underneath an aircraft carrier would do the job as well and what’s left of him could be chum for the sharks.

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