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“Fat Leonard” Tracked Down in Venezuela

NBC San Diego

Leonard Glenn Francis, better known as “Fat Leonard,” a defense contractor who disappeared weeks before he was set to be sentenced for one of the largest bribery scandals in the nation’s military history, was taken into custody Wednesday in Venezuela, the U.S. Marshals Service confirmed.

Francis was taken into custody by Venezuelan authorities as he was boarding a plane to another country, Marshals Service spokesperson Omar Castillo said. Carlos Garate Rondon, the Director General of INTERPOL Venezuela, stated Francis flew from Mexico to Ve Cuba, and his final destination was supposed to be Russia.

Francis will be handed over to federal authorities. More

8 Comments on “Fat Leonard” Tracked Down in Venezuela

  1. “The five were the last of 34 defendants to stand trial on charges they were bought off by the Malaysian defense contractor Leonard Francis, who prosecutors said plied them with prostitutes, Cuban cigars and free hotel stays, among other things.”

    And Humper Biden is out walking around, enjoying crack, and a mansion to live in. He hasn’t had to do jack or his demented father, and they get rewarded.

  2. This fries my ass. We are an American defense contractor and get undercut all the time by clowns in foriegn, third world countries working with 50 year old machine and no knowledge of how to use them. Most of the time they can’t deliver. Why is the DLA allowed to give foreign businesses preferential treatment. That should have sent up a red flag. I’d like to know what happened to the government employees that got bribed. Their punishment should be far worse than Fatties.

  3. Probably worked for Clinton, Obama, or of course Biden, who gets 10%.
    Just criminals being criminals.

  4. “2011, was awarded contracts worth $200m to service ships”
    Who awarded such a contract?

  5. Venezuela sending us another criminal. This time, however, it is one we want.

  6. Should have laundered a cool million or so to the Clinton, Obama, or Biden crime syndicates and had all charges dropped.

  7. I see an Epstein-like event in his future. Fat Leonard didn’t kill himself.


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