Father, daughter caught having sex in their back yard – Best Defense Strategy?

This one is easy.


Justin Bunn, 39, and his 19-year-old daughter, Taylor Bunn, were taken into custody after witnesses told Panama City police they spotted them having sexual intercourse in a back yard, the Northwest Florida Daily News reported. Both father and daughter confessed to having consensual sex but claimed it was an isolated incident, police said.


The man should simply say he does not identify as her father. The girl should say she doesn’t identify herself as the daughter.

Science might say their DNA makes them father and daughter, but, as we know, science is bigoted, and the “feelings” people have trump it.

If this man identified as a woman, he would generally be accepted as a woman. Why?



22 Comments on Father, daughter caught having sex in their back yard – Best Defense Strategy?

  1. Depraved scum. Hope the mom can make ends meet while the husband is back in jail, selling night crawlers and shoplifting at the Jiffy Mart will put bread on the table but it’ll still be tough.

  2. Forget it, Jake. It’s Panama City. By all rights, it should be part of Alabama.

    What does an Alabama girl say to her lover during sex?

    “Git off me, daddy, you’re crushing my Matlboros!”

  3. The “dad” could claim he’s a transgendered incestuous lesbian?
    (not that there’s anything wrong with that)

    And she could claim to be trying out for that actresses position of portraying Brian Williams’ daughter in the soon-to-be-made movie “Motorboating: an Intimate Look.”

    Or they could just say: “Fuck Off – it’s a family affair! And none of your fukkin business!”

    Or they could claim to be muslim.

    izlamo delenda est …

  4. They have so many options and the first one is to become highly respected commentators for CNN! The second is to get a high-level decision-making position with the DNC and the third is to become a powerful producer and attention seeking starlet in Hollywood!

  5. There’s a lot of weirdness coming out of Florida, and people think California is at the bottom of the barrel.

    /just saying


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