Father of Student Getting Crucified For Showing Up School Security

Knuckledraggin has broken a story that’s flown under the radar and has been confined, largely, to local Wisconsin news.

A dad was allowed entrance into a school and he walked past the check-in point directly to his daughter’s classroom and went up to the teacher and said, “I’m an intruder,” and handed her a piece of cardboard with the word gun written on it.

He then went to the principal’s office and did the same.

He then left.

Cue the OUTRAGE!!!!!

Here is local coverage.

Some news outlets are trying to imply the guy was drunk. Ya, drunk with righteousness. He showed how easy it was to bring a “gun” into his daughter’s classroom.

(The drunk angle really bodes horribly for these idiots that think this somehow is cutting the man down in the court of public opinion. In their scenario, they allowed a DRUNK to gain access to his daughter’s classroom. How is that helping their side of the story?)

The police are saying it was “unwise” to test the security of the school like that. WHY????? Because it failed?

That’s his daughter in that classroom.

The principal was equally in high dudgeon about the man’s “stunt” and says he’s banned from the school.

This guy set out to make a point, made it, and the response is to arrest him.


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  1. Drunk or sober the father made his point. I bet there will be a helluva a lot of changes made in regards to student safety. I would imagine this story has more to it. it will be interesting to here the fathers side of the issue.

  2. The father should not worry as there are well trained officers that will respond to the building and stand outside while his daughter is shot.

  3. There are going to be a lot of teachers clamoring for the right to have their weapon in the classroom. I have seen reports that free training classes for teachers have been ‘sold out’. The teachers will drive this. But having stories like this one will help.

  4. The last thing leftists and the NEA care about is ANY childs life. Having that pointed out is just not acceptable. Abortion is fine at any age.

  5. I watched some NEA bint get ‘interviewed’ on CBS this morning. Funny how the network had all the graphics ready that explained what she was saying as she said it. Especially the graphics with the ‘statistics’.

  6. Where’s the PTA? They should be defending this guy. Hell they should be thanking him and demanding the school system get their shit together.

  7. This guy needs to get an attorney and sue the shit out of the school district for Child Endangerment. Let’s see how fast the criminal charges get dropped.

  8. Our local SD built a new high school after the tax payers voted it down, and built ANOTHER new school for spite, we have some real community players around here. One day, while my son was in a first floor classroom a group of kids dressed as ninja’s came through the windows with super soakers…..The solution? Keep first floor windows locked. The punishment for the kids who happened to be from a nearby school and were “friends” of some of the kids soaked….? Nada. For you see, they were “good” kids. Around here, “good” kids are kids of the people with the big names in town. I kid you not, it’s what’s called an unwritten policy, most of us call it discrimination…but then the teachers kids don’t get all the breaks, when everyone else is forced to take a knee. I wonder if this guy is a big name in town?

  9. The more I think about this the more infuriated I get. Installing cs TVs, Digital Locks, etc, is not security. If you hired a private security company to secure a building they would probably take all those steps and then test it.When it failed they would make the appropriate adjustments. They would constantly be re evaluating threat assessments. Security is not static. And there is no security unless you have some sort of closed loop testing. Right down to working with local LE. What a freaken joke.

  10. As a licensed professional engineer I have paid attention to what the State Licensing Board does when an engineer practices gross incompetence or engages in criminal negligence. I can say with 100% confidence that the only way to have your ticket to practice pulled is to either embarrass a powerful politician or politicians or kill a person with political connections. Other than that, there is absolutely no way to lose your license regardless of how much of a fuckup you are.

  11. In regard to GrayJohn’s comment, with the reports coming out of the amount of citizen correspondence with law enforcement, both local and FBI, concerning the mental state of Cruz, the fact of the Broward County (Democrat) Sheriff’s Deputies were waiting outside the school until Cruz ran out of ammunition, you have to ask if the children of Parkside were victims of lefty group think, that mass shootings help the communist, socialist, globalist agenda by creating leverage to repeal the second amendment. Or perhaps, something worse than groupthink. Former Navy Seal and FBI agent Jonathan Gilliam has stated that you have to “think like a liberal” to pass the FBI entrance examination, http://lerant.proboards.com/thread/10116/liberal. Perhaps this type of sorting is done for Broward County Sheriff’s Deputies? Coral Springs Police department didn’t get the same standing orders apparently.
    You have generals counseling the President that he needs to accept transgender soldiers? The ones who have a suicide rate 20 times the average. If ever there was a case that you don’t want transgender soldiers, his name is Bradley/Chelsea Manning. Ann Coulter has warned that since promotion to General Officer requires the approval of Congress, including Democrats, they shouldn’t be employed by the Trump administration. We live in a lefty bizzaro world. Unfortunately this is reality, not a comic book.

  12. Kenny has a nice site. Lots of good stuff.
    I have even caught AA looking at it. Ha.
    He has toned it down and is well respected in the patriot crowd.
    I am starting to see some of the guys from iOTW comment there now.

  13. This happened in the very heart of Madison, Berkeley of the Midwest. Of course the authorities take no responsibility for their failure and will do all the can to cover up their indifference to safety and redirect the rage at the concerned citizen who exposed their incompetency.

    Hopefully, parents won’t fall into line with these administrators and various local paper pushers. If they do they’ll be inviting another school shooting be visited upon them some day.

  14. His biggest mistake was not discussing his idea with the TV media and getting some “60 Minutes-type” gonzo journalist to do it instead. With the power of publicity and video coverage behind this act, the police might not have been so quick to make an arrest. And if they did, you can bet it would have made the national news, instead of just local.

  15. What will it finally take for people to realize that liberals and the DEA want their children to be used as the front-line expendables?

  16. The best solution to all this would be to shut down brick and mortar public skools. There’s way more upside to turn education into an online venture and the Left would have no argument against something so progressive. It wouldn’t take long to develop a complete online school for every grade.

    Our kids don’t need the social interaction or indoctrination anymore. They barely interact with each other directly, now, as it is. And with security being the priority that it has become, is the best evidence that school is way too risky to send our kids there.

  17. My daughter taught high school for a couple of years at Friendship Academy, in Baltimore’s Ward 8. Junior and senior classes.
    The heart of inner city. All black, very poor, heavy gang presence.
    The school has metal detectors at its entrances. Guns and knives do not get in.
    Fights occur, but they are hand to hand, and staff are taught how to respond, and do respond when needed. There is always staff in the hallways and monitoring the school grounds.
    The school’s principal was a participant in the second of the two meetings POUTS held last week. He spoke for about ten minutes about what they do and what its done for safety.
    It works.

  18. The dad’s only mistake was cutting the cardboard into the shape of a gun. That’s serious business right there; people could die.

  19. @Anon ~ I found out a long time ago you can go anywhere w/ a hard hat & a ladder … or an armful of any other building material … clipboards work good too.

  20. @AbigailAdams: Hey – the students could play online football games, too! And gym classes would be a snap. Although snuggling with your date at the Senior Prom might get a bit problematic. I think the hardest part, though, would be choosing the perfect avatar for your class reunion.


    @OneLastTime: Coulda been worse, though. Coulda been a Pop-Tart.

  21. It’s prog control: guns one at a time…. ….then knives and machetes…. then licenses for hammers and axes…..

    Finally, citizens will not be permitted to leave their homes (locked remotely) until they submit a travel agenda plan (which may not be changed, once approved) to allow them out of their homes.

    …..all in the name of citizen safety. …..Lady in Red


    I posted about this area before. It’s all the rich LIBERALS who live around the lake and university.

    You’ll never get anywhere with these people. They are CRAZY (another example of why you should secede from them). They don’t see it as making a point, they’ll flip through the law library and find as many punishments as possible.

    NO ONE WAS TRAUMATIZED. That’s another bullshit line intended to throw more blame on the parent.

  23. Maybe if they checked the Security Guards cell phone they’d find he was in the middle of almost winning a game of Solitaire!!!! I have MANY acquaintances/friends who are police officers and other government employees….get ANY THREE of them together and within 10 minutes their conversation will turn to ‘how long before they RETIRE’, they are ALL obsessed with it, every one of them….. it never used to be that way but it sure as heck is now!!!!


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